Walk and Talk

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Combine the Benefits of Movement, Fresh Air, and Nature with Talking

First, walk and talk sessions take all the benefits of  skill-based talk therapy and adds in the instant boost to wellbeing. So, you may feel frustrated, stuck, and want to be motivated, but really can’t get out. And, you may have been through a traumatic experience like sexual abuse and not know how to move past it. Therefore, in walk and talk therapy, you leave session feeling good and in a better mood than when just siting and talking.  Moreover, walking provides you with movement, improving circulation, and improving back health. In conclusion, people report stress relief, feeling calmer, reduced impulsively, and a greater sense of self-confidence after walk and talk sessions at Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic.

What Is Walk and Talk Therapy?

Appointments begin and end at my office in Niantic. Together, we stroll to McCook’s park in Niantic and around the Niantic Bay boardwalk, which is over looking the salty ocean.  As we walk, you’ll get to listen to  the waves roll onto the rocks and enjoy nature. Why not take advantage of Southeastern Connecticut‘s beautiful shoreline!

Year Round Walk and Talk Therapy in Niantic, Connecticut

In the summer, feel the warm sun on your skin by the Niantic Bay Boardwalk. In the winter, we bundle up in a hat, coat, and boots. Then, we enjoy watching the red cardinals hop in the snow on the hole in the wall beach in Niantic while talking.

Learn a Lifelong Positive Coping Skill

Come for a relaxing stroll while learning how to effectively manage and reduce your stresses, calm anxiety, and work through family issues. Take an hour away from the demands of work with a walk and talk session during your lunch. Niantic is located along the southeastern shoreline of Niantic, Connecticut, which makes a perfect location for walk and talk therapy. Adolescents, teenagers, adults, families, and grandparents all love Niantic walk and talk therapy sessions.