Teen Addiction

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Substance Abuse In Teens

I provide substance abuse and alcoholism assessments as well as counseling services for alcohol and drug abuse for all ages. However, I have a special expertise when it comes to counseling adolescent drug use and teen addiction. For parents, when your adolescent is going through something, it can feel overwhelming and scary. Overall, I see teen addiction and young adult alcoholism as systemic. It is often a family pattern that keeps repeating itself until mind-body healing and therapy is available. I would love to help your teen through their therapy process to live a sober life.

Family Experiences and Trauma

As an adult looking back on your life, you may have grown up where one or both parents used substances and alcohol. Growing up in a house where your parent’s were fighting with each other, yelling, throwing dishes, even neglecting you because they were hungover, is trauma. Simply yelling puts a child’s body into fight, flight, freeze, and retreat mode, in addition to the stress of living with an addict or alcoholic. In genera, that traumatic feeling can stay with a person long into adulthood and parenting years. Now, looking at your teen’s life, a new, healthier future is possible.

Teen Alcohol and Substance Use Can Be A Trauma Response

When a child or adolescent experiences trauma, without support or therapy, a teen tries to survive the emotional rollercoaster, by using numbing behaviors. For instance, losing a beloved parent to a sudden death or cancer is trauma that, when unresolved, leads to addiction and alcoholism. It is a form of numbing that needs to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent severe addition into adulthood, marriage, and parenting. As a child grows into a teenager, alcohol and drug use may be a way your teenager non-verbally asks for help. Non-verbal signs are a cry for support, attention, and professional counseling services. I would love to help you teen build a healthier relationship with him or herself.

The Earlier The First Use, The Greater The Change Of Severe Addiction In Adult Years

Teenagers who do not have support, acceptance, or belonging when struggling with LGBTQ+ issues, sexual identity or sexual orientation often turn to drugs and alcohol. They disassociate from mind and body with drugs and alcohol because they feel unsafe. These patterns continue to negatively impact an adult their whole lives.

My Highly Effective, Mixed-Methods, Experiential Treatment Approach

I provide mind-body therapies such as yoga, art, nutrition, and music to treat the source of addiction and alcoholism because talking alone is ineffective. 

I work with all ages, the feelings, family history, shame, and fears that arise surrounding how family life is affected by substance abuse. My services include an assessment and evaluation of substance use, an individualized strength-based plan that is often coordinated with 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, language of a higher power, animal therapy, and yoga therapy.

Family and Individual Therapy Sessions

I offer counseling for family members who are impacted emotionally by a loved one’s addiction or alcoholism. You may want to show your love, but also have a desire to implement healthy boundaries. In coordination with compassionate therapy, I provide comprehensive and in-depth substance abuse education.

The Healing Addiction Summit asked, “What is your biggest struggle when to comes to addiction?

The stigma…I feel shame and great embarrassment about becoming an alcoholic. I am looking forward to not regretting the past someday.

Dealing with pain, loss, guilt, and depression

Inconsistency in response to addiction by different disciplines within my community. Also difficulty with educating different disciplines regarding addiction. These two things make it really difficult when trying to advocate for a client who has an addiction.

My son died of a heroin overdose at age 24, in 2015. His sister, our only other child, has two young children and I want to learn all I can so as to prevent these two from traveling down a path towards alcohol/drug use and addiction.

Parenting A Teen Through Sobriety And Recovery

The animal assisted therapy groups I provide foster a safe and empathetic connection, facilitating the core values of sobriety and recovery. The animal therapy groups, teens no longer feel like they are the problem in the family needing to be fixed. Rather, they feel they are a part of their own positive therapeutic process.

Did You Know?

In fact, adolescents who began using addictive substances, like alcohol and drugs, before age fifteen are nearly seven times more likely to develop a severe substance problem than those teens who use after age 21. Let me help your adolescent or teen build positive coping skills. I would love to help your teen learn to treat their emotions with compassion through experience skill-based therapies.

To effectively help adolescents and teens, I provide an experiential, holistic approach to addiction and alcohol counseling.


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