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Frustrated and Exhausted? My Whole Family Approach

As a parent, having a child or young adult who is extra sensitive, anxious, self-harming, or who has been abused, can be very difficult. No one every said this is what family life would look like- You want to feel in control, but you’ve lost your sense of balance and motivation. Perhaps, you have recently had a change, such as having a baby, changing jobs, moving, your oldest is starting high school, or a transition like ending a relationship. Even the most welcome changes, have with added stress. All these overwhelming feelings are starting to interfere with parenting and your couple bubble, which can put a strain on your partnership and family. In addition to your child or adolescent’s weekly sessions, we do parent-only conversation sessions every two weeks.

What Happens When One Person In a Family Needs Support?

Furthermore, I specialize with children, teens, and young adults in therapy and their families. When your child, adolescent, or teen comes to a number of sessions, we then break up into regular (twice a month) parent conversation sessions. And, in these sessions, no children are present. So, they are for you and your spouse/partner only. Moreover, I get to learn more about your family story and what your family has overcome. likewise, I better understand your child, adolescent, or teen within the context of your family.

What Are Parent Conversation Sessions (Parents Only)?

First, in these parent conversation sessions, I remain focused on the goals and treatment of your child, adolescent, and teen. However, I also look at how your child or teen’s negative behaviors are creating tension in your marriage. Often, when an adolescent acts in a negative way, it puts stress on your relationship as parents and your couple unit. Further, some children and teens can find ways to cope with stress by picking sides. In time, adolescents weave their way into a marriage, which leads to more intense, painful, and traumatizing marriage arguments about parenting differences. In session, we work through all of this together! Read more about couples therapy, here.

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I help reconnect distant couples who are raising children, adolescents, or teens!

After some time of being together, every couple goes through the highs and lulls of their relationship. In fact, marriage counseling can be very helpful, even if you decide to divorce, especially when it comes to the mental health need of raising children, adolescents, and young adults.

Parenting Children and Teens: Raising a Family in East Lyme

So, some small-scale misunderstandings are normal. However, at other times, past relationships rooting as far back as childhood can get in the way. Therefore, these childhood memories can hinder you from creating a healthy relationship in the present. Additionally, being a parent can complicate matters because all of your time is dedicated on your children. Unfortunately, this also means that less energy is focused on your partner and marriage. In conclusion, raising children puts added stress on your couple unit. Likewise, this means Wisdom Within Counseling, an integrative practice for marriage and family therapy, is here as a resource to help you whole family function better. Learn more about what to expect in therapy, here.

Running Your Home and Organizing Schedules?

Plus, having children or teens, who are also in need of support, are a stressor for any marriage. Overall, when little fights turn into larger issues and when disagreements go unresolved, couples therapy can be very beneficial to help restore balance and security. We work together to reduce conflict in from of your children. I teach fair fighting techniques and skills to help your whole family function better and overcome parenting challenges more smoothly!

Fighting With Your Spouse In Front Of Your Teen?

When a young adult or teen sees two parents fighting, that teen will often pick sides, feel pushed and pulled, and often weave their way into the parent unit, pushing you and your spouse further apart. This is an added stress on a marriage and I am here to help detangle, help you find your voice with your teen, and help you rekindle love and feel unified with your spouse.

Did You Know?

Marriage counseling can help your small problems from getting bigger. In fact, approximately 70% or arguments go unresolved and couples are only present for each other 13% of the time. -Gottman Couples Research Ins. I am here to help you today!

As a result of family therapy, your children will likewise learn ways to effectively communicate! Read more for couples, here.

In the Media

Experts in their field are sometimes asked to give quotes for news articles and journalists. Here, is a link to an article, in which Katie Ziskind LMFT, RYT500, licensed marriage and family therapist at Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic, was quoted.

Breaking Up Fights Calmly

In addition, if one person is unhappy in a partnership or marriage, it is vital to ask for help to take appropriate next steps for both partners can feel heard, loved, and acknowledged with the help of a therapist. When parenting children, it is essential to keep fights to a minimum in front of your children, adolescents, or teens. I would love to help guide your through the process of marriage counseling and parent sessions while your child, adolescent, or teen is also in weekly therapy.

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Past, Present, and Future Goals in Couples Therapy 

From growing up, every person has mishaps, traumas, and patterns. In other words, these past experiences play a major role in your interactions in your current relationship, in how you parent your children, and the social-interaction skills your teenagers take into young adult years.

Furthermore, in your parent conversation sessions, couple’s therapy, and marriage counseling sessions, I do a family history, which is called a genogram, that looks back at three generations of patterns.

Parent sessions, while your child, adolescent, or teen is getting their weekly therapy sessions, can help your whole family function better!

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