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Whatever your marriage and family circumstances, there is no need to struggle on your own. 

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What Is Your Family Struggling With?

Children – With anxiety, ADHD, worry, trauma, frustration, pet loss, kids that “won’t talk.”

Adolescents – Who self-harm, are depressed, school avoidance, divorce, low self-esteem, peer issues

Teens & Young Adults – Self-discovery/meditation, feeling inadequate, anxiety, dating/relationships, break up’s, loss, moving out, gender questioning/LGBTQ

Parents – Who need skills, support, and compassion understanding their child’s or teen’s behavior to help their whole family work better.

Do You Know A Child Struggling with Anxiety? Extra Sensitive Children and Teens Welcome!

First, play therapy for children serves as a metaphor through which you child can safely express their feelings. Moreover, children learn to navigate relationships and share emotions through play. So, if your child isn’t acting as they should and has strange curiosities that have you feeling concerned, you have found the right place. Call/Text to get started with a phone consultation today (860)-451-9364.

Play Therapy For Children

Furthermore, untreated behavioral and emotional issues develop and prevent a child from being confident and learning in school. And, children with ADHD feel comfortable being them self with the creative, holistic, movement therapies we offer in Niantic.

Animal Therapy Groups Boost Confidence
Animal Therapy Groups Boost Self-Confidence and Lower Anxiety 

In addition to weekly sessions, your child can also attend the animal therapy groups. These groups help them develop positive coping skills to deal with social anxiety and worry in fun, creative ways. Also, children learn emotional skills. You therapy journey will be personalized and unlike any other talk-only counseling service offered. We are experts with children and teens! Read about animal therapy, here.

Are You Worried That Your Young Adult Has Withdrawn?

Have you noticed changes in their activities and behavior? Are you concerned that it is more than just a phase of bad decision making? You’re in exactly the right place for the best help. Many parents/guardians share the following:

“My teen is distant, frustrated, and won’t talk to me.”

“Their emotions are getting in the way of their school work.”

“I want my teen to learn positive coping skills and develop self-confidence.”

“They have been in therapy before and it wasn’t the right fit.”

Katie Ziskind, LMFT, RYT500 is expert in helping adolescents and young adults through holistic, creative marriage and family therapy in the Niantic, East Lyme, and Southeastern Connecticut area. Read more below.

Why Should You Seek Only Expert Help For Your Young Adult?

Not all therapists work with teens and many aren’t educated in how to engage teens in their own therapy. As a parent, you need professional help outside of your family to effectively support your teen. As a result of your teen being in therapy, your whole family will function better. And, you and your teen won’t be frustrated with each other anymore and your relationship can improve. Equally important, your teen won’t need to yell, self-harm, use drugs, or punch holes in the walls because they will have a safe place, my office, just for them.

Katie Ziskind, teen expert, helps teens build meaningful relationships with him or herself first.
The Problem: Why Doesn’t Talk Therapy Alone Work For Anxious Children or Distant Teens?

However, talk therapy doesn’t work because a teenager only feels like more of a problem and internalizes shame and guilt. Instead, I use creative therapies to help depressed teens including art, yoga, music, and outdoor therapy is to provide connection in mind, body, and spirit. You teen will feel safe and build trust through creative, strength-based therapies. Read about outdoor, walk and talk sessions here. These skills are a foundation for self-care and whole person wellness. And, your teen can use these skills throughout their whole life.

Art, Yoga, Music, Outdoor Therapy, & Animal Therapy

In my office, I have a cozy room with couches and art materials and I also have a room specifically for your teen to learn yoga therapy techniques for anti-stress. Additionally, yoga therapy is private, one-on-one, and personalized for your teen’s need. Yoga teaches a positive coping skill of emotional relaxation and self-awareness. It helps them feel confident and strong and calms their mind.

Is Your Teen Anxious or Depressed?

Every day, all day, I work with frustrated kids and angry young adults. I love it! With a few tweaks and very specialized holistic therapy not offered anywhere else in the area, I can help your frustrated teen stop negative behaviors and learn positive skills to express their feelings in healthy ways. So, my office is different and unique to embrace your teen’s strengths. Further, I help your teen boost self confidence through art, yoga and music. Similarly, traditional talk therapy does not work for self harming teens because your young adults only feels like a problem needing to be fixed. Instead, I use art, yoga, and music that provide a safe place for emotional releases. From that security and trust from weekly therapy sessions with me, your teen will feel secure within themselves, inspired to be unique and different, love themselves for their strengths, and create a life they love. 

Call or text to get started to help you whole family work together better (860)-451-9364.
All Day, Everyday, I Love Working with Frustrated Children, Teens, and Parents!

Therefore, I specialize and help frustrated kids, angry teens and young adults. Hence, I am an expert at helping them build positive coping skills, express emotions and get clear on their goals. In conclusion, I’d love to help your adolescent, teen or young adult feel awesome in their skin. 

Has Your Teen Been Through Their First Break Up?

Again, teens have a lot of feelings. Next, your teen is depressed because they just went through their first, major break up. Your depressed teen is feeling the most sad that they’ve ever been. Also, a first break up is devastating. Your depressed teenager is withdrawing, isolating and without professional intervention and therapy, these feeling will only get worse. Similarly, loneliness can trigger to  host of others feelings including self-blame, shame, insecurity, and guilt. Lastly, I would love to help remind your depressed teenager that they are good enough. In therapy, I will give your teenager positive coping skills to get through this tough time, and feel stronger attract healthy future relationships! Call or text to get started 860-451-9364

Has Parenting Your Adolescent Put A Strain On Your Family Unit?

As a parent, having a child or frustrated young adult who is extra sensitive, on the autism spectrum, anxious, or self-harming can be really difficult. No one ever said this is what family life would look like- You feel helpless. You want to feel in control, but you’ve lost your sense of balance and motivation. Perhaps you’ve recently had a change like separation, having a baby, moving, or your oldest child is starting high school. Even the most welcome changes come with added stress. All of these changes interfere with you parenting and your couple bubble, which can put a strain on your family. In addition to weekly sessions for your child, we do parent-only sessions, which you can read about, here

Would You Like Your Child or Teen To Learn Positive Coping Skills For Lifelong Health?

From that security within them self through art and yoga therapies in Niantic, your teen can create a bright future and look forward to tomorrow.

An Integrative, Holistic, and Different Approach – Counseling integrating mind, body, and spirit

 I use mind-body techniques such as art, yoga, and music along with talk counseling. Spirituality is tied into my work. And, I support gentle emotional expression and healing holistically. Further, moving out stuck energy through art, yoga, or walking can create a positive space for a new beginning in your young adult’s life!

Does Your Child or Teen Need Stress Management Skills?

Your teen may be a perfectionist and academically getting really good grades. However, you know that your anxious young adult is out of balance and overwhelmed. He/she say “yes” to too many responsibilities. And, feels anxiety as a result of committing to too much. I would love to teach your overwhelmed, anxious young adult scheduling balance, and how to set healthy boundaries. Relaxation through yoga therapy, inner peace via meditation, and downtime are just as important as being motivated.

Your Child Will Learn Many Self-Care Skills

With out proper, effective relaxation techniques in their social emotional tool kit, your anxious teen will experience burn out, digestive problems, eating disorders, headaches, and physical symptoms of overcommitting their schedule. Your teen’s physical symptoms of anxiety will only get worse into adult years. It is essential to get help today. I would love to be the holistic therapist that supports your teenager through life long, personalized art, yoga and music therapy in Niantic.

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LGBTQIA+ youth and families welcome
Are You, Child, Teen Gender Non-Conforming? I Accept Your LGBTQIA+ Family Just As You Are

You, your child, and your family gets to talk about your gender non-conforming feelings, sexuality, and speak to emotions related to being transgender. Gender-questioning people welcome! Your deepest fears, thoughts, secrets, and LGBTQIA+ expression are safe in my office in Niantic. To start, I am educated and advocate for LGBTQIA+ 🏳️‍🌈 youth and families. To continue, I love working with transgender children, teenagers, and their families and advocating to create a positive support network with medical professionals. If you’re confused as a parent about your teenagers gender, I am here to educate you and to support your teen.

Parent Support For Bisexual Teens, and Lesbian, Gay, Transgender Youth

However, you might be confused and uncomfortable as a parent, and have your own fears and questions. Do note, your 100% support is the foundation, safety and security of broader social and community acceptance for your LGBT teen. Without family support and acceptance, your teen will self harm. Essentially, family support is essential to preventing suicide and self harm when it comes to LGBT expression. I would love to help your teenager feel accepted and feel like they belong in the world again.

How Is Teen Therapy At Wisdom Within Counseling Unique and Different? 

Therefore, I use holistic therapies including art, yoga, music and walking sessions to help teens feel confident and love themselves rather than choosing negative coping skills. You’ve tried hospitalizations for self harm and cutting. You tried medication and you tried other types of therapy. And, I know that as a parent, you feel exhausted and frustrated. Your teenager’s depression and self harm has a negative impact on your family, other children, and your marriage. I would love to support your teenager and help your whole family function better through holistic marriage and family therapy in East Lyme.

How Do I Help Depressed Teens Stop Self-Harming?

Further, it is important to nip teen self harm, teen depression and negative skills in the bud otherwise they will only get worse into adult years. And, if your teenager is drinking alcohol now, help today is the only option for them to see their bright future ahead. Additionally, social emotional skills are not taught in school. The positive skills are what will help your teen pick healthy friendships and relationships when dating. From anxiety to anger, I am confident that I can help your teenager stop self-harming. I teach them positive skills to handle these feelings in a healthy way for college years and beyond.

Would You Like Your Adolescent/Teen To Feel A Boost In Self-Confidence?

Depression and distance in teens should never go untreated or be ignored. It’s important to get help right away or these feelings can lead to resentment and problems at home and later in life. Through holistic therapy in Niantic, I teach essential, lifelong positive coping skills such as breathing techniques, yoga poses, and guided meditations to help your young adult take back their wisdom, harness their personal power, and feel strong within themselves to say no to peer pressure.

I am confident I can help you’re depressed, self harming teenager love life again.

Talking can be challenging at times, especially for children and teenagers. So, I combine art, yoga, music, outdoor therapies with talking. Online Booking Note: If you are on a hospital internet, online booking will be blocked due to security. Text/call 860-451-9364 or use another internet connection.

Every Relationship Has Its Ups and Downs

When personal problems become overwhelming, the group of holistic therapists at Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic offer caring and confidential counseling services within a safe and therapeutic environment. Providing professional guidance for couples and families, our licensed therapists can help you to find effective and realistic solutions to resolve the issues that are negatively affecting your marriage and family life.

Each person has particular reasons for seeking counseling. Qualified therapists, Katie, Courtney, and Sarah, at Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic can help to identify and resolve the difficult and delicate family and relationship issues you are currently dealing with by providing professional guidance for:

  • Successful conflict resolution
  • Effective communication for couples and families
  • Rekindling the romance in your marriage
  • Restoring intimacy in your relationship
  • Preventing breakup or divorce
  • Dealing with separation or divorce
  • Blended family issues
  • Resolving parent-child conflicts
  • Healing from infidelity
  • Re-building trust
  • Learning how to effectively communication with your partner and family members
  • Stress management for families and couples
  • Counseling for same sex couples
  • Anger management for families and couples
  • Dealing with grief and loss in the family
  • Addiction problems in families and marriage
  • Dealing with family members in difficulty

  • Now Enrolling: Teen Girl Group in Niantic! Read more, here.
  • Holistic counseling for individuals, families and couples
  • Young women with negative past experiences such as trauma, neglect, or abuse
  • Teenagers with eating disorders, body image issues, and food issues
  • Couple/marital counseling related to raising angry children and self harming teens
  • Adolescent and teenage life issues including self-harm, alcoholism, vaping, and recklessness
  • Young adult relationships, break ups, anxiety, addiction, loss, and self-discovery
  • Substance abuse, alcoholism, and related legal issues in young adult years
  • LGBTQIA+ including individual counseling, sex counseling, and/or gender transitions
  • TeleTherapy, video sessions, and email support, here.

I love working with frustrated teens and helping them see a brighter side to life.

Simply text me (860) 451-9364 to get your teen started!