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Whatever your marriage and family circumstances, there is no need to struggle on your own. 

Located in Niantic, in Southeastern Connecticut, two blocks from the Niantic Bay Boardwalk, the holistic therapists at Wisdom Within Counseling provide effective counseling that can change your life. Text/Call (860) 451-9364 for more information today, and move toward a new beginning tomorrow for your family!

You’re exactly in the right place for transformation!

What Is Your Family Struggling With?

Children – With anxiety, ADHD, worry, trauma, frustration, pet loss, kids that “won’t talk.”

Adolescents – Who self-harm, are depressed, school avoidance, divorce, low self-esteem, peer issues

Teens & Young Adults – Self-discovery/meditation, feeling inadequate, anxiety, dating/relationships, break up’s, loss, moving out, gender questioning/LGBTQ

Parents/Couples – Who are frustrated, need conflict resolution skills, want connection, support, and compassion understanding their relationship to help their whole family work better.

Do You Know A Child Struggling with Anxiety? Extra Sensitive Children and Teens Welcome!

First, play therapy for children serves as a metaphor through which you child can safely express their feelings. Moreover, children learn to navigate relationships and share emotions through play. So, if your child isn’t acting as they should and has strange curiosities that have you feeling concerned, you have found the right place. Call/Text to get started with a phone consultation today (860)-451-9364.

Play Therapy For Children

Furthermore, untreated behavioral and emotional issues develop and prevent a child from being confident and learning in school. And, children with ADHD feel comfortable being them self with the creative, holistic, movement therapies we offer in Niantic.

Animal Therapy Groups Help Child & Teen Depression & Boost Confidence

Each person has particular reasons for seeking counseling. Qualified therapists, Katie, Courtney, and Sarah, at Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic can help to identify and resolve the difficult and delicate family and relationship issues you are currently dealing with by providing professional guidance for:

  • Successful conflict resolution
  • Effective communication for couples and families
  • Rekindling the romance in your marriage
  • Restoring intimacy in your relationship
  • Preventing breakup or divorce
  • Dealing with separation or divorce
  • Blended family issues
  • Resolving parent-child conflicts
  • Healing from infidelity
  • Re-building trust
  • Learning how to effectively communication with your partner and family members
  • Stress management for families and couples
  • Counseling for same sex couples
  • Anger management for families and couples
  • Dealing with grief and loss in the family
  • Addiction problems in families and marriage
  • Dealing with family members in difficulty

  • Now Enrolling: Teen Girl Group in Niantic! Read more, here.
  • Holistic counseling for individuals, families and couples
  • Support for teens and young adults with eating disorders, anorexia, restricting food, and binge eating
  • Young women with negative past experiences such as PTSD, trauma, neglect, or abuse
  • Teenagers with eating disorders, body image issues, and food issues
  • Couple/marital counseling related to raising angry children and self harming teens
  • Adolescent and teenage life issues including self-harm, teen depression, anger, alcoholism, vaping, and recklessness
  • Young adult relationships, break ups, anxiety, addiction, loss, and self-discovery
  • Substance abuse, alcoholism, and related legal issues in young adult years
  • LGBTQIA+ including individual counseling, sex counseling, and/or gender transitions
  • TeleTherapy, video sessions, and email support, here.

The team at Wisdom Within Counseling love working with anxious children, frustrated teens, and reconnecting distant couples.

Simply text/call us at (860) 451-9364 to get started in holistic therapy today.