Grief and Loss

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Holistic, Integrative Grief and Loss Therapy in Niantic

Grief and loss are some of the most difficult times. You may have had to hold it together for your loved ones. And, you’re looking to reassemble yourself. When your loved one was very sick, family members you thought you could cont on weren’t there. Further, you began to notice unavoidable family conflicts. Your partner is supportive, but you want your own positive coping skills to handle grief and loss.

Losing A Child

In grief and loss therapy you will be offered a safe space to heal your pain. Losing a child is never planned or expected. There is a level of pain that comes with losing a sick child that makes to clearer about your other relationships. You’ve tried to become a clearer, kinder person. You were there when your child transitioned on to the spiritual world. Having your partner there by your side helped a lot. But, the horror of your child dying and the beauty of knowing they will no longer be in pain is still a lot. There are so many deep feelings. Now, you’ve been thinking about reincarnation and have been getting spiritual signs.

Letting Go of Grief and Loss With A Therapist at Wisdom Within Counseling

Crying after grief and loss can be frightening. Sometimes, you can’t seem to cry because you’ve been the strong one holding it in for others. It can feel like you haven’t cried enough. Instead of letting it out, you’ve choked it back into your muscles and feel it in your body. Other times, you may have experienced uncontrollable crying. Then, when you do cry, tears can come in wails and with such passion, sadness, and pain.

Grief and Loss Counseling Can Help With:
  • Denial, disbelief, numbness, surrealness
  • Anger, blame, survivor guilt
  • Bargaining
  • Depressed, low mood, sadness, and crying
  • Acceptance, contentment, coming to terms
  • Spiritual connection, believe in universal energy, and a higher power

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