Teenage Girls

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Teen Depression

Being a teenage girl is challenging. Besides her body changing, her peers are changing too. Middle school friends have changed. And, high school friends can be fun and new, but filled with drama. As a teenage female, depression, body image issues, and eating disorders can surface. And, these are a cry for help. Furthermore, teenage girls have trouble talking about their feelings.

Support For Teenage Girls Who Have Just Moved

Additionally, moving to a new place can cause negative behaviors. Moving to a new town, being uprooted, and then having to make new friends can be scary. And, the new school is another change. Moving to a new place with out the support of a trusted therapist can be a major setback developmentally. In her old town, your teen felt confident socially and had a good group of peers. Then, she has moved and is thrown into a new mix of academics and peers, and overwhelming, insecure feelings. She used to be around people who knew her daily, so that comfort was already in place.

How Moving Impacts Teenage Girls

As a result of having to move, your teenage girl may now be self-harming and have developed food issues. Moreover, when your teenage daughter doesn’t have control over much in her life, she may turn to restricting food, being picky when eating, or overeating. Your teenage daughter seems less interested in being social and is isolating more. Navigating social situations takes positive coping skills and a healthy level of self-confidence. And, for teens who are less social, who are more introverted and quiet, moving can be really hard emotionally. She is feeling judged for being new and now is excluded. She is really struggling with self-esteem, self-confidence, and loving herself. And, finding the right support in therapy can be a difficult process itself.

How To Get Started?

At Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic, your depressed teen and I meet one on one. After the initial session, together we decide if individual counseling or the teen girl group together are the best options.

What Is The Teen Girl Group in Niantic All About?

And, another option is group yoga therapy for teens! This goes beyond talk counseling, and combines with the healing benefits of yoga therapy and art therapy. Moreover, getting together in a group is a great way to be social. And, the teen girl group in Niantic helps combat the shared feelings of loneliness and difficulties with friends. For example, teens who dye their hair like being around other teens who share these same forms of self-expression. Also, teens often have struggles with parents, so sharing these feelings in a group offers social support. Lastly, in the teen girl group in Niantic, frustrated, self-harming teens get together to talk about their struggles. As well, members of the teen girl group in Niantic get to do yoga, feel positive connection, and create community. Read more about depressed teen therapy in East Lyme here.

Are You Longing For Support For Your Anxious Teen?

Benefits of the teen girl group in Niantic. Call/text 860-451-9364 to enroll.

  • Meet new friends
  • Find healthy friends with shared interests
  • Socialize and talk in a small group environment
  • Build confidence in social situations
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Depression decreases
  • Self-harm/cutting stops
  • Vaping/negative behaviors stop
  • Positive coping skills development
  • Your teen looks forward to learning new skills
  • Improved mood and energy levels

Are you a parent searching for the very best support for your self-harming, frustrated teen?

Talking doesn’t work all the time for all teens. I love working with angry teens and helping them love them selves again! Talking alone can feel intimidating. So, the teen girl group in Niantic helps teen depression, self-harm, and provides positive coping skills to handle all feelings. Read more about the teen girl group in Niantic, here.

The Teen Girl Group in Niantic is a positive, constructive remedy to ease discomfort and release feelings.

In the teen girls yoga therapy group, art and yoga therapy promote self-love and self-expression. Art therapy in Niantic at Wisdom Within Counseling takes fear, worry, and intimidation out of the room. Joining a new teen group can feel scary and unknown. Therefore, the art and yoga therapies in the teen girls group provide a sense of personal independence! And, your depressed teen will come out of their shell. Overall, the teen girl group in Niantic provides empowerment, self-reliance, and develop lifelong self-sufficiency skills.

Where Does The Teen Girls Group in Niantic Meet?

The teens girls group meets at Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic with teen specialist, Katie Ziskind LMFT, RYT500. The address is 8 West Main St, 3-15. Niantic. And, some teens drive themselves, but most of the time, parents drive and wait in the comfy lobby. Read more about Q & A teens in therapy, here.

The Teen Girl Group in Niantic is enrolling now for 2019!

  • Know a depressed teen local to East Lyme, CT who is struggling with worry, anxiety, self-harm, or low self-esteem? Do you know a teen who you believe can benefit from my teen girl group in Niantic? First, have the parents reach out to me directly at 860-451-9364 so we can schedule a time to talk more.
  • Are you a professional and have the family’s permission, you can reach out directly with a referral 860-451-9364.

Want Even More Positive Influences In Your Teen’s Life? 

Furthermore, the Teen Girls Therapy Group in Niantic is a weekly space where your adolescent/teen girl can connect. And, your depressed teenage girl can release, do art, and stretch to release anxiety, depression, self-harm, or low self-esteem. Additionally, art and yoga therapy boost self-confidence and self-esteem. So, the group beings with 20 minutes of gentle yoga. Then, yoga is followed by conversation, art, positive skills for that day, laughter, and connection. LGBTQIA teens welcome! By talking, breathing, moving out negative energy, and learning together, Niantic teenagers learn to feel better themselves. From self-care and community, your teen can create meaningful relationships with others. Call to enroll your teenage girl in the Teen Girl Group in Niantic: 860-451-9364.

So, When Does The Teen Girl’s Yoga Therapy Group Take Place?

The teen girl group in Niantic takes places 3:15pm Mondays starting in January 2019!

Call to enroll your teenage girl 860-451-9364 in the teen girl group.