Nutrition for Mental Health

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The first place you might think to restore the feeling of inner balance is… nutrition. Over 80% of your serotonin, a natural mood boosting chemical, is absorbed in your gut lining. When considering ways to improve your mental wellness, better self-confidence, and easily maintain sustainable energy, your nutrition and how you eat can play a positive role! I provide nutrition counseling in conjunction with traditional psychotherapy.

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Part of my mind-body-spirit perspective on therapy means exploring nutrition, how you eat, what you eat, the ritual of cooking, and even the process of making your next delicious meal. I provide TeleTherapy, distance counseling for nutrition support. Read more, here.

Holistic, Nutrition Counseling

I work compassionately with all ages of people who have food sensitivities, allergies, and sensory processing accommodations wen it comes to eating. I accept you where you are. We all have a beginning. This is holistic and is safe for those on medication.

When you find yourself living off the high’s of coffee after skipping meals, you may begin to feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, lethargic, and cranky. Nutriton counseling can be a form of coaching, guidance, positive support, and self-compassion. It can also be combined with your child, adolescent, or teen’s individual and family therapy sessions. Read more about what to expect in therapy, here.

I take the compassionate, holistic components of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, alongside the Westernized nutrition concepts of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. I blend both modalities together for a highly effective approach to meet you where you are.

The Structure of Your First Nutrition Counseling Session (Families Welcome)

For our first session, we meet in my office to discuss your needs, presenting health concerns, diagnoses, and any food issues you would like to discuss. Next, I listen without judgment. There are no gimmicks and no living off powders or shakes.

Mental Health, Depression, and Nutrition

For some, nutrition and depression go hand in hand. First, nutrition falls, then depression comes. Here are some free items for you, one is a depression quiz, which can help you feel how much therapy would support your nutrition goals. Read more, here.

A Healthy Relationship With Yourself and Food

This is about building a fun-loving, positive, and intimate relationship with real food, so you can live until you are 100 years old! Food can be a tough subject and I’m looking forward to meeting you. Our first meeting is a 45 minute session.

Second Nutrition Counseling Session

For our second nutrition counseling session, we meet in your kitchen where I do a fun and interactive assessment of your fridge and cabinets tapered to your needs, allergies, or presenting concern. You or your loved one may have a recent diagnosis including sensory processing disorder, autism spectrum disorder, diabetes, gout, high cholesterol, chronic kidney stones, gluten-sensitivity, dairy-sensitivity, or another.

Food Needs and Sensitivities

Perhaps you have a strong desire to come off medication and maintain your health with food and nutrition. Perhaps your child or young adult told you he or she wants to be vegetarian or vegan and you want to offer them sustainable, life skills.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Additionally, I also work closely with all ages who develop eating disorders. When that is the case, I use nutrition counseling in conjunction with weekly or twice-a-week counseling sessions to foster growth. Our first session is a 45-60 minute meeting.

Building A Loving Relationship with Food, and Yourself

First, we talk about your worries, what has worked, what you have tried, and the emotional component to eating, trauma and eating, trust, intimacy, and food, lifelong sustainability, self-love, and self-care. Then, we pick the three dishes to prepare and cook along with the grocery list. It is your choice how much you spend, if you want organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and such. In conclusion, nutrition therapy compliments counseling sessions for your child, adolescent, and teen very well. Read more about my mixed-methods approach to therapy, here.

A Personal Touch To Food Prep

I personalize everything to your needs and desires. For example, I work to fit your schedule. In fact, provide appointments on the weekdays and weekends in the mornings, afternoons, and late evenings.

Confidence From Within Through Food

Our third session and most sessions moving forward, I arrive with the fresh ingredients we’ve agreed upon cooking and other preparation items. This is a playful, hands on exploration, typically three hours, of touching food, building an intimate relationship with yourself, making recipes, trying new foods, getting a little messy, conversation, and encouragement. In fact, all ages can participate in this experience.

What Do We Do Together?

We prep, cook, and clean together, so you are ready to go for your week ahead. This is typically about a three-hour session. Nutrition counseling with me is fun! I make a boring, chore-like, dull process, fun-loving and positive.

Feel Empowered Through Food

Throughout your week at work and with your family, you will be snacking on you new homemade protein pack that we made together. You’ll remember your wisdom within, your support system, and be ready to take on the world!

Picky Eaters? My Speciality.

This type of therapy is helpful for people who are picky or sensitive eaters because it takes the fear and intimidation away from food and leaves people feeling confident and strong!

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