Highly Sensitive People & Empaths

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Sensitive to itchy tags? Have you been told that you are empathetic? Bright lights bother you?

Some people are more sensitive to touch, smells, and pressure. As a holistic, experiential therapist, I help highly sensitive people harness their positive qualities and strengths. Likewise, I also teach positive coping skills to communicate feelings better too. And, therapy for highly sensitive people can be so beneficial for the whole family unit, couples, and children.

Specialists in their fields are asked to add information into news articles. Katie Ziskind, holistic marriage and family therapist and yoga teacher in Niantic often was asked for her expert opinion by a journalist writing about empaths and highly sensitive people. Read more about Empaths and Highly Sensitive People in a recent article where katie was featured, here.

Do You Experience:
  • Feeling more overwhelmed than others or easily feeling overwhelmed
  • Sensitivity to touch, pain, and loud sounds such as yelling
  • Sensitivity to strong smells such as perfumes
  • More sensitive to caffeine, medication, food dye, and sugar
  • Passionate or moved by music, theater, or the arts
  • Hyper at times and low energy at other times
  • Itchiness wearing wool and the need to cut all tags out of clothing
Or any of these?
  • Trouble making decisions and indecisiveness with choices
  • Increase in performance anxiety (feeling riled nerves or shaky when being watched)
  • Irritability and crankiness when over stimulated
  • Deeply empathetic to others’ emotions
  • Hard time with transitions and changing activities
  • Struggles handling change, stress, and crowded events
  • Very picky eating and food issues/sensitivities
  • Elements such as wind and rain are aggravating
Sensory Processing Sensitivity
After reading this list you may be thinking of yourself or your loved one. Whether you are a highly sensitive person or your loved one is, you aren’t alone. So, I use an integrative, holistic, and gentle approach to therapy to accommodate and support your sensitivities. And, I get what you are feeling.
What Does It Mean To Be Highly Sensitive In A Family?
Historically, highly sensitive people were expected to toughen up or misdiagnosed. Therefore, long ago, therapy for highly sensitive people was once not even an option. Now, as a licensed marriage and family therapist, I help family members of highly sensitive people become aware of and understand needed supports. Family members can play a big role in helping a highly sensitive person feel comforted and accommodated. And, a highly sensitive person can benefit from seeing a therapist who can help teach communication skills advocate for themselves. Lastly, by creating and environment that is supportive, a highly sensitive person can feel safe and strong.
Strengths of Highly Sensitive People & Empaths
Further, highly sensitive people have many strengths that often are overlooked. Without understanding, others become bothered or annoyed by their needs. Moreover, highly sensitive people tend to be more caring and aware of others’ feelings. And, highly sensitive people feel with all of their senses together rather than just seeing, only hearing a sound, or feeling the sensation of a touch. Therefore, when others are annoyed by their sensitivities, a highly sensitive person may feel overwhelmed, belittled, and emotionally crumpled.
Extra Awareness For Feelings and Therefore, Tears
For instance, when a highly sensitive person hears beautiful music echoing from a church or sees an inspiring musical production, they may begin crying. Naturally, they allow a sense of emotional vulnerability others don’t and exemplify extraordinary emotional connection.
Highly Sensitive People May Say:
There is too much jelly on my peanut butter and jelly, I can’t eat. And, I have lost my appetite.
I feel more empathetic than the average person. So, I want to learn more about being an empath.
This mint toothpaste is too minty. It stings my mouth. It is unbearable.
I stubbed my toe. It hurts so much and I feel a lot of pain right now. Maybe, I broke my foot.
This wool sweater is very itchy and  I can’t wear it. It is so itchy. Instead, I need something soft.
That musical play was so beautiful. The actors did such a fabulous job. It was so moving.
Managing Overwhelm At Social Gatherings 
Additionally, a highly sensitive person may enjoy the idea beforehand of going to a social gathering, sleepover, or party. However, an hour or two into a social event, they have moved to a quiet corner, retreat to the solace their room, and may even want to go home. Children who are highly sensitive may cry more easily. Overwhelmed, the highly sensitive person has had enough stimulation, feels it is “too noisy,” overloaded by external stimuli. Through therapy for sensory processing, a highly sensitive person can learn positive coping skills too.
How To Support A Highly Sensitive Person
Highly sensitive people need support and understanding from friends and family when it comes to group gatherings. Therefore, rather than assuming their highly sensitive family member is being anti-social or rude, I help family members better understand the needs of their highly sensitive family member.

Katie Ziskind: In The Media

At times, news reporters ask experts for their opinions and experience. Katie Ziskind, LMFT, RYT500 is featured in the article below. Topics Katie Ziskind has been mentioned in vary including, exercise, nutrition, family life, wellness, self-care, couples therapy, children, and connection. Enjoy reading about the: 8 Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions
Benefits of Holistic Therapy For Highly Sensitive People at Wisdom Within Counseling in East Lyme
Therapy for highly sensitive people can help to develop a healthy level of self-confidence and self-esteem in a highly sensitive person. Additionally, therapy can help a highly sensitive person embrace their unique strengths and feel good about their capabilities. Also, sensitive people tend to be more perceptive and empathetic. So, people who are highly sensitive may need more down time and relaxation scheduled int their day to release others’ feelings.
Sensitivity To Medications and Chemicals
Additionally, from a clinical medical perspective, highly sensitive people are impacted more by medication, caffeine, and stimulants. Therefore, I advocate for you and your loved one and coordinate treatment with prescribers. It is important to inform your prescribing physician as a highly sensitive person may need a lower dose and a more gradual increase/decrease. Often, highly sensitive people experience more intense side effects as well.
Natural Eating Can Help Highly Sensitive People
At times, people who are highly sensitive can benefit from more natural eating and less chemicals. Various scented products may be bothersome. As well, processed foods may have a more negative impact causing digestive pain in highly sensitive people. Read more about nutrition for mental health at Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic, here.
You Are Accepted Just As You Are at Wisdom Within Counseling
My approach is holistic, experiential, and supportive for highly sensitive people of all ages. For parents raising children who are highly sensitive, physicians and schools often jump to medication. Some parents do not want to medicate their child due to a bad reaction, weight loss, or ethical reason. Also, some adults choose not to take medication because they don’t like how it makes them feel. Therefore, I support you by personalizing therapy for highly sensitive people. As an expert on therapy for highly sensitive people, I integrate holistic, experiential therapy at Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic, Connecticut.

Holistic, Experiential Therapy Supports Highly Sensitive People 
Highly sensitive people are often told that they are “too emotional,” which is actually a strength. For example, they can feel the sensation of light touch of a raindrop and will feel the wetness more so than others. Furthermore, the itchiness of a tag scratching the back the their neck can be incredibly distracting and even unbearable. Furthermore, know that I am here to support you, accept you as you are, and help you access your personal power and strength. In my practice, Wisdom Within Counseling, in Niantic, Connecticut, I integrate art, yoga, music, and outdoor therapy along with talk therapy to help you be your best self.

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