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AAMFT Licensing Board Exam Consultations
  • Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, confused, or all of the above when you think about studying for this huge and expensive test?
  • Are you nervous that your test anxiety will get in the way of you passing the National MFT Exam on the first take?
  • After all that work and hard-earned money, are you feeling discouraged and defeated from last time you took it and missed the passing score by only a few points?
  • Have you been out of school for some years and want to get out of working for who doesn’t appreciate you?
  • Passing your exam is the first step to getting licensed and the career freedom you desire!
  • Let’s Connect! I would love to be your LMFT exam tutor. Text/Call Me Today: 860 984-1205.
A Monstrous Task, But Totally Passable
  • On top of your busy family, work, and social life, you may think that this is something only “other” people can pass.
  • It is very challenging, but can be passed with hard work, motivation, discipline, and a professionally designed study plan.

I would love to connect and be your LMFT exam tutor! Contact me, here.

What Is On It?
  • Covers a vast and in-depth range of topics, theorists, theories of dysfunction, and models.
  • Expect and train for complicated, very specific questions regarding ethics and professionalism as a marriage and family therapist.
  • Together, we can break down the large, intimidating parts into focused, bite-sized pieces for your total success!

My Commitment To You As Your LMFT Exam Tutor
  • Help you understand the lengthy and intricate process you are embarking on and what and when to expect from the process and state.
  • Guide, encourage, and support you as as a fellow MFT and private practice entrepreneur.
  • Empathize with you as a therapist who has been there before as you challenge yourself, put in the time, effort, and money into your professionalism, financial independence, and to further your career.
  • Set you up with excellent study materials to begin.
  • Assess your areas of strength and models where you are already knowledgeable and confident in your abilities.
  • Pinpoint needed areas of improvement based on your current study plan
  • Sharpen and fine tune your study approach.
  • Help you better understand the MFT terminology that needs to be well defined and concrete in your mind before your big day.
  • Teach you ways to differentiate between the slight, however very important differences between the models.
  • Work with you to construct a study agenda.
  • Teach you ways to diligently plan your schedule so that your study time fits in within your family, work, and social life.
  • Create a measurable, goal-oriented plan that fits your time frame, so you are confidently prepared to easily pass your board exam.
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