Childhood Grief and Loss

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If you are worried about your child’s sadness, watch the video above. Do you ever wonder: When your child or teen is sad, when is the right time to get professional help? Are they just sad or is their sadness a sign of a much bigger problem?

Holistic, Integrative Grief and Loss Therapy in Niantic For Children

Childhood grief and loss are some of the most difficult times. For a child, losing a pet can be the first experience of grief. For example, a child will have big feelings about loss when it comes to losing a family dog or a family cat. Then, every holiday without their beloved pet can be a trigger for tears, loss, and grief all over again. Childhood grief and loss often relates to losing a pet. Additionally, pet loss can feel like losing a sibling. Pets have shorter lives than children, so you may need help, as a parent, explaining death, loss, and where their pet lives now. Lastly, one book I recommend for losing a pet is Goodbye Mog.

Losing a pet is just like losing a family member, especially for a child

The sadness, depression, and crying is totally okay and an important part of the process. These feeling may linger and stay with a person for years. A pet is a beloved friend, a companion, and family member, just like a any human. A pet can feel like a loss of a sibling because your child’s pet was been there with them like a best friend through the ups and downs of life. It is totally okay to feel like you have a huge hole in your heart. As a parent, it is okay to cry in front of your child. Lastly, remind your child that the feelings of intense pain and loss are normal with the loss of their furry friend.

Therapy For Kids Regarding Pet Loss

Likewise, remind your child to never let anyone make fun of them for crying or tell them that you’re being silly no matter their age. And, it is natural and normal to feel intense grief over the loss of a pet. Furthermore, it is healthy to grieve, to cry, and to express the wonderful life your pet had. And, sharing grief, memories, stories, and empathy can bring the parent-child relationship closer together such as in child and family therapy.

Mourning and Healing From Childhood Pet Loss

During the time your child and your pet were together, they had a lot of life experiences. Your child’s pet was a huge part of their daily life and a best buddy, who offered warmth, comfort, companionship, compassion, unconditional love, bight smiling eyes, acceptance, and joy! When your child looses a pet, this is a good reason to seek child therapy. At Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic, we offer art, yoga, music, animals, and outdoor therapies to help your child grieve and process loss.

Childhood grief and loss, losing a grandparent

Secondly, childhood loss and grief can include losing a grandparent. Losing a grandparent can be traumatic, scary, beyond sad, and surreal. Furthermore, many children have different reactions. Some children refuse to cry and develop anger issues. On the other hand, some children cry frequently, before school, after school, in school, and are so overwhelmed with sadness. And, other children keep their feelings suck inside, and show you that they are totally okay, and unaffected. However, these children still have deep feelings to process, but they just don’t feel safe to let them out.

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Childhood grief and loss can impact each child differently. Some children get angry and frustrated with their changing world. Others, withdrawal, experience childhood depression, and hold it inside. Call/Text to get your child grief and loss help today (860)-451-9364.

Letting Go of Grief and Loss With A Therapist at Wisdom Within Counseling

Crying after grief and loss can be frightening for a child id friends have made fun of them for crying before. Sometimes, a child can’t seem to cry because they have been the strong one holding it in for others. It can feel like a relief for a child to finally be brought into therapy and be told they have a safe place just to let go.

Children with special needs require specialized support hen it comes to childhood grief and loss therapy. At Wisdom Within Counseling, we are a team of holistic therapist that help children and teens process grief and loss from pets to family.

Childhood Grief and Loss Counseling in Niantic Can Help With:

  • Childhood denial, disbelief, numbness, surrealness
  • Questions your child has about death, dying, and loss
  • Anger, blame, survivor guilt
  • Bargaining with God
  • Childhood depression, low mood, sadness, and crying
  • School issues, crying in school, anger in school, fights with peers
  • Acceptance, contentment, coming to terms
  • Spiritual connection, believe in universal energy, and a higher power

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