Athletes & Sports Injuries

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Coping with a new identity after a sports injury is a major emotional and physical shift.

I totally understand. I’ve been there too. You loved being active, playing your favorite sport, running long distance, or even playing the passionate game of hockey. However, along the way, you’ve been told that you have a sports injury. Read more about helpful tips to cope with your sports injury, here.

Your body isn’t working like it used to. You have more sore areas, chronic tenderness, and are feeling lost because no one gets this kind of loss.

You’re physically muscular, built, attractive, but deep inside, you’re dealing the anxiety around creating and finding a new identity. I use my extensive yoga therapy knowledge to open tight muscles, build flexibility, and help you stretch out the area of major tightness in your body.

I love using yoga therapy and working with elite athletes that go hard in the weight room and need support letting go of tightness!

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