Yoga Teachers Who Want More

At Wisdom Within Counseling in East Lyme, your treatment is not driven traditionally by medication alone. Instead, medication is seen as only one piece of your pie of life. First, your integrative therapist will look at your whole self. After doing yoga for a number for months, you desire for something more. You may have even taken a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Perhaps, even more you have begun reading books to help you study yourself. And, you may be at a loss because that studio may no longer feels like home. There is confusion and disconnection in your life and you want contentment.

From Group Classes To Holistic, Individualized Personal Attention

First, you want to be seen and heard. As you uncover your dark side and your inner demons, you want someone who shares the same mindset as you. Wisdom Within Counseling offers holistic marriage and family therapy in Niantic, CT. In addition to talking art, yoga, music, and outdoor is combined.

Katie Ziskind LMFT, RYT500 – Expertise in Yoga Therapy with Psychotherapy
Take Your Yoga Practice Deeper with Self-Study

I would really enjoy having you as a client. Yes, you, the strong yogi. You may have just begun yoga and are uncovering your dark side. Because we are both yogis, the trust that takes months to build is already there. Together, we would be stepping into a new, deeper journey professionally.

From Yoga Classes To Self-Inquiry: I am a Yoga Teacher and a Holistic Therapist

After doing yoga for a number of years, you may feel numb, bored, and want more. And, I also love working with yogis because you already have self-awareness. You are ambitious, motivated, but still confused about yourself. You are strong, but still in pain. I am a unique and different therapist, which sets me apart from traditional therapists. Furthermore, I bring my extensive training in yoga therapy along with my license in marriage and family therapy to support you.

Emotional Pain Still There After Your Yoga Class Is Over?

As humans, we all need professional support. However, it can be hard to build trust and open up to someone new. Often, yoga students who want to learn more seek me out because yoga helps them feel safe. Further, having someone that isn’t your family, that has perspective, such as a holistic therapist at Wisdom Within Counseling, can help you reach your goals. Yoga students who are still struggling find inner peace from supplementing their yoga practice with integrative, holistic therapy in East Lyme.

For Healers: We All Need A Safe Space To Talk, Heal, and Get Go

In addition, healers, yoga teachers, physicians, naturopaths, reiki teachers, and life coaches need support too. Consequently, when you work with your patients, clients, and students, you end up taking on the negative energy that they’ve released.

But, how do you refill your bucket, so you can return to your loved ones revitalized and refreshed?

I know, as a healer myself, I understand the pain of too much caregiving. But, when you give to your patients, students, and clients without support for yourself, you will undoubtedly become burnout and resentful. Remember, everything remains confidential in the four walls of my office. When you’re in my Niantic therapy office, the boundaries change. In my office, I put on my therapist hat and you’ll have your client hat on, so to speak. Since we are in a small town, we step back into yoga teacher/yoga student, friend/friend outside of my office.

Understand The Roots of Self-Confidence and Inner Strength
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Medical Marijuana

At times, medical cannabis can be helpful for people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder along with weekly therapy. In Niantic, at Wisdom Within Counseling, an integrative practice for marriage and family therapy, you have an opportunity to discuss this with your therapist. Moreover, weekly holistic therapy in Niantic at Wisdom Within Counseling with Katie Ziskind LMFT, RYT500 can teach you positive coping skills to handle all emotions. At the same time, medical marijuana can offer the parasympathetic nervous system support outside of session. Read about yoga therapy for PTSD, here.

How Does PTSD Look? What Does Trauma Do To Your Body?

After experiencing trauma, your body moves into a fight, flight, and freeze, which is a trauma response. First, if you have been through trauma, the world often doesn’t feel safe. And, your think irrationally as if they are still in danger. And, you may think that people can’t be trusted. So, you might be reliving your experience in flashbacks and dreams any time your close their eyes. Once the trauma has passed and you are safe, hanging onto these memories holds you back in life. Lastly, self-massage can also be a holistic technique that can help you heal from trauma. Read more about self-massage, a soothing self-care practice, here.

For Yoga Teachers Who Want More: Integrative, Holistic Trauma Therapy

Therefore, medical marijuana helps patients with post-traumatic stress disorder feel calm and grounded in order to gain perspective. Further,  it can bring your mind to the present and help you feel safe in the present moment. Further, medical marijuana can help a victim of trauma calm down from a panic attack, a side effect of trauma. Similarly, it can help you create peace, and relax, in order to think clearly through your flashback and gain perspective. Together, we get to talk about all of these options in your holistic therapy session at Wisdom Within Counseling . Read more about ways to help PTSD, here.

Read more about integrative, holistic therapy for yogis, here. I would love to help you, the holistic healer, go deeper through holistic therapy at Wisdom Within Counseling in East Lyme, Connecticut.

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