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Playing Is Healing

Many parents have this same concern, “I feel like my child is playing in sessions and avoiding talking about their anxiety and my recent divorce. I think my child is missing the point of therapy.” Just so you know, you aren’t alone.

Play therapy can be combined with talking, which helps your child overcome his or her anxieties, fears, worries and other overwhelming, new emotions in a safe way. Read more about therapy for children and adolescents, here.

Play Therapy For Kids

Read these blogs, which will also be helpful in understanding the benefits and importance of play therapy for children!

How Does Play Therapy Work?

Play Therapy For Kids, The Language of Your Child

Evidence-Based Play Therapy Research

In a recent study, Bratton et.al (2012) enrolled 54 preschoolers in play therapy vs. a control group. All children were from disadvantaged communities and of many races. The school teachers rated the children’s behavior before and after the study. The results stated that play therapy significantly decreased aggressiveness and increases in attention. Children in the play therapy group also improved in their communication skills. There was no change seen in the control group.

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Adults Talk, While Children Play

Adults talk about their problems and often feel supported and relieved when they get to talk to a close friend. However, it can be hard for a child to talk about their emotion because it brings the focus back to their problem needing to be fixed. Your child can express their needs, desires, worries, and feeling through play.

Play also honors your child’s unique developmental level in their childhood and helps because play “is the language of the child.”

Did you know? Your child is doing a lot of “talking” through their behaviors while playing!

Your child feels safe playing and through play, they can get their needs met and then feels safe taking. Play therapy also helps to create a safe relationship and build therapeutic connection and from that level of trust, it helps your child express them self and work to resolve problems.

Here’s a short video that you may find helpful too!

Here’s another video too introducing play therapy to parents!

I would love to talk about your concerns and worries in a parent session in addition to your child’s weekly session. Read more, here. We are glad to answer any questions!

I’m Katie Ziskind, BS, MA, LMFTRTY500, ERTY200, providing experiential family therapy in Niantic, CT and TeleTherapy, distance counseling, from the comfort of your location. I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in helping children, adolescents, teenagers, and young adults. I believe creative children will change the world. I use a variety of approaches based on my expertise. At times, it can be difficult for a child, adolescent, or teen to talk about their emotions. Therefore, I offer a highly effective, whole-body approach using the holistic, mixed methods of yoga, art, yoga, music, and animal therapy groups along with talking.

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