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Learn More About The Various Mixed-Methods, Experiential Therapies

In my practice, Wisdom Within Counseling, I provide more than simply typical talk therapy. Specifically, I love helping sensitive children and teens thrive. To add, I offer support through art, yoga, music, and animal therapies.

For Children, Adolescents and Teens- Read More

When you come to my office, we can sit together in cozy, comfortable chairs. Even on the floor, we do art and we discuss the happenings of your life.

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First, I specialize with children, teens, and young adults in therapy. As well, I look at the whole family unit. In addition to your adolescent/teen’s individual sessions, as part of their treatment, I do regular (twice a month) parent conversation sessions.

Together, we look at how your child or teen’s negative behaviors were/are creating stress in your marriage. Some children and teens pick sides. At times, they weave their way into a marriage. This can lead to more intense, challenging marriage arguments about parenting differences. We work through all of this together!

Building Trust Through Therapy in Niantic

In addition to talk therapy, I offer holistic, experiential therapies that support your mind-body connection and the development of inner awareness. Moreover, experiential therapy is adaptable for all ages, but especially beneficial for children and teenagers. Similarly, art, animal, and yoga therapy fosters a safe bond and build trust. Join for the next animal therapy group!

Positive Coping Skills – Children, Adolescents, and Teens

In fact, by combining a variety of highly effective, evidence-based healing modalities, children, adolescents, and teens build positive coping skills and lifelong self-confidence.

Read more about each of these below.

Art Therapy


Animal & Adventure Therapy 

Yoga Therapy for PTSD

Why Animal Therapy?

Therapy in Niantic – A Holistic Approach

In addition, I combine my backgrounds and years of experience. First, my yoga (over 500 hours in training) and my master’s in marriage and family therapy are interwoven. Then, my passion for experiential therapies and in-depth nutrition knowledge to allow your counseling experience to be highly evolved and dynamic.

Animals Offering Healing

When your child with a trauma history or ADHD is around the animals, it is amazing the change that can be seen when compared to when sitting in a chair and talking.

My animal therapy groups nurture children and teen where they are.

For adolescents, emotional regulation is a natural benefit of being in the animal group. As well, seeking therapy by looking at your family history is part of what I do. In general, I see your family through a positive mindset and a holistic, relationship-based perspective.

Additionally, I specialize in working with angry, frustrated children and teenagers. Furthermore, I use my host of holistic “whole body” knowledge to best meet your teenager where they are and build trust. In our first session, I show you and your teenager the different art and therapy materials in my office. Overall, I allow you and your child to pick what would best serve them in that moment.

Nurturing Creativity in Kids and Teens with ADHD- Art Therapy

At times, for children with ADHD and emerging young adults, talking, sitting in a chair, listening to other family members talk, and making eye contact can be intimidating. Moreover, painting is one of the many therapies I offer in my practice, Wisdom Within Counseling, a therapy practice in Niantic. In particular, painting, using glitter gel pens, and doing art can be the perfect way to connect, look inside, and express feelings.

Yoga Therapy For PTSD- Read More

In fact, sometimes your child or teen may want to have a complete, full-body, mood boosting yoga practice. Also, to build strength from the inside out, we can do kids or teen yoga in counseling sessions. As a matter of fact, Yoga Nidra, is a form of restorative guided meditation. It is beneficial for teens with Lyme Disease, in need of immune support, extreme athletes, and those in need of physical rejuvenation. On other days, your teen may want to evolve their sense of self through talking, art, or music therapies.

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