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Katie Ziskind is a natural healer and positive role model for young children and adolescents. She has been a family friend to me, my partner, and my stepdaughter for several years now and I am always so warmed by the way she listens to our 10 year old and builds up her confidence through authentic conversation. She is very easy to be around and always knows what to say to make the person she’s with feel respected and loved. Katie is also very knowledgeable and she continues to educate herself through her entrepreneurial work and networking skills. I would highly recommend Katie to anyone seeking counseling support for children, teens or adults, as she uses a wide range of services and modalities to help her clients such as art, yoga, music and more. If you are seeking someone to help your loved one who is compassionate, well-educated and dedicated, look no further than Wisdom Within Counseling with Katie Ziskind!  – Jessica Zdanys

I have known Katie as a friend for many years. Katie has such a calming and patient vibe about her. She is very considerate with her suggestions and always seems to come from a place of kindness and understanding. With her counseling, she can help what once felt like a crisis, turn into a manageable goal with a clear vision and solution. Katie is a great balance to a harsh, fast-paced world. Katie has naturally taught me so many tips around nutrition and well-being. She is passionate about what she does, and you can always count on her to share a laugh or smile with. -Heather LeClair

Katie Ziskind has a natural healing energy to her, she is a great listener and has an amazing self care practice that I believe complements her professional life. Aside from therapy, Katie is a yoga instructor and has the ability to give people individual attention even in group settings. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for compassionate care.  – Kaitlyn Young

Katie Ziskind relates to children so well. Her genuine connection to her own inner spirit allows her fill any room with innocence and joy. I’ve watched her effortlessly guide a whole room of children to into a deeper level of self love through yoga. She is very dedicated to her own self care, so she knows first hand what really works, and what does not. Having even a brief chit chat with Katie is sure to brighten anyone’s day. I recommend Wisdom Within to anyone who is struggling with, or seeking to cultivate a greater capacity for life.  – Jason Glenn

Katie has created a warm, inviting and safe space where children, teens and couples who are looking for someone to help guide them through life’s challenges will feel completely at ease in sharing their experiences and feelings. Katie has an inner sense of how best to help her clients, and I think especially with kids and teens who are experiencing some of the pitfalls of adolescence and young adulthood, Katie’s approach could be very helpful and therapeutic. Her positive energy will pass through to her clients.  – Bill O’Donnell

Katie brings a fresh and energetic perspective to therapy. She’s unlike any therapist I’ve known before her style is uniquely her own. She incorporates a multitude of different modalities to really reach out to individualized needs. I highly recommend her.  – Erin Senel

Katie Ziskind is truly an amazing person. She is so genuinely sweet and kindhearted and loves helping others. I would definitely recommend Katie and her services to anyone seeking her guidance and counseling.  – Taryn Brett

Katie Ziskind’s positive attitude is a breath of fresh air. She has natural charisma and charm…you will never leave a session without a smile.  – Kenneth Bennett

Katie Ziskind is such a kind soul and a great active listener. Her personality and passion are the perfect fit for counseling.  – Tucker Landry

Katie Ziskind is such a bright light, exudes positivity. Katie is very sensitive to others’ needs, has great desire to aid others in finding their true selves. Very comfortable to be around, a very loving person.  – Tammy Jones

Katie Ziskind radiates kindness and positive energy! She has an open, accessible personality and is by nature warm, approachable and empathetic. It is a joy to know her.  – Julie Bartley

I have not interacted with Katie in her professional capacity, but my wife and I have known her for several years. She has a very caring personality, a wonderful, centered, calming energy, and a deep sense of dedication to whatever work is before her.  – E. S. Ruete

Katie Ziskind is the most patient person I’ve ever met. She is so kind, passionate, and loving. She relates so well to children. Both of my boys loved her. I highly recommend her to anyone!  – Carlye

As a therapist comfortable with using mindfulness in her practice, Katie Ziskind impresses me more than anyone else I know with her presence that includes a genuine sense of warmth, calmness and compassion. What makes her special is that not only do I sense it within her, but once I am with her, I can’t help but feel the calmness enter myself as well. That connection within herself and that which she extends to others, as well as the knowledge of the therapeutic techniques and interventions, are what she brings to her growing practice. I know this because I observed her amazing development as a professional during her postgraduate education and throughout that period was thoroughly impressed. I am therefore very comfortable recommending Katie as a therapist for individuals, couples families and groups!  – Norm Schain

Katie Ziskind is fantastic at what she does and is the most compassionate person I know. She’s does an amazing job of integrating the mind and body and creativity into her practice.  – Sharon Marr

Katie Ziskind has the ability to make those she interacts with comfortable and calm. Her easygoing personality makes her someone who is very easy to talk to and open up to.  – Ashley

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