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What Will You Learn About In Premarital Counseling?

In premarital counseling at Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic, you’ll work with a licensed marriage and family therapist to foster healthy communication. Also, in premarital counseling you can learn conflict resolution skills, which you can take with you after you leave therapy. Furthermore, the communication skills you have now will only be challenged with major steps, marriage, children, buying a home, and other milestones. However, even the best skills you have now aren’t enough to keep a marriage healthy long term. And, without professional premarital counseling the chance of marital success is greatly decreased.

Need A Plan For A Successful Marriage?

Additionally, seeing a couples counselor in East Lyme can help partners prepare for marriage or and the anxieties of moving into a home together. Without seeing a premarital counselor, unresolved fears, nerves, worries, and negative feelings get pushed under the rug only to resurface after you are married. And, a licensed marriage and family therapist in East Lyme at Wisdom Within Counseling can provide holistic premarital counseling. Moreover, you and your partner can learn experimental techniques, guided meditations, and how to offer each other healing touch. Likewise, intimate partners seek premarital counseling may choose to integrate yoga therapy for couples, here.

What Does Holistic Premarital Counseling in East Lyme Help With? Why Do Partners Need Premarital Counseling Before Marriage?

First, it is essential to talk through your family history, backgrounds, and culture. Things might be awesome right now. But, your partner will unintentionally transfer resentment and tension from childhood issues into your marriage. And, you too will project negative, unresolved trauma on to your partner in fights. For instance, if your parents got divorced, you may become obsessive about keeping your marriage from divorce so much so that it pushes your partner away. And, if your parents were alcoholics, you may slip into drinking too much, with the fear of becoming them paralyzing your marriage. Often, these transferences are unconscious, so it takes a professional premarital counselor to help you uncover them. So, because of transference, you and your partner will benefit from premarital counseling in East Lyme at Wisdom Within Counseling.

Want To Work Through Issues In The Early Stage Before It Is Too Late?

Secondly, when you work through small issues in the early stages of of your relationship, you can prevent them, from becoming bigger. And, in premarital counseling in East Lyme you can develop a plan to address issues in the years to come. To add, a study recently published noted that couples who had participated in premarital counseling were 31% less likely to get divorced within five years.

Wisdom Within Counseling is educated, welcoming, and friendly to LGBTQIA+ couples. Our team of holistic therapists support gay marriage through LGBTQ premarital counseling sessions.

Do You Want To Feel A Deeper Connection Through Premarital Counseling?

Similarly, premarital counseling in East Lyme gives you and your partner a deep look into each other’s minds, bodies, and spirits. And, you’ll learn how to fully support each other after a long day of work, or after a wonderful day. As a team of mental health professionals in Niantic, we know that marriage is more that just a day and a ceremony. Instead, it is a daily practice of turning towards each other, supporting one another, and a life commitment. But, there are always lingering fearful emotions that come up such as, the pressure to be approved by a spouse’s family.

Do You Want To Stay Together Forever? Have The Skills To Work Through Anything?

And, with media and news showing that divorce is so easy, many couples who get married do not last. Therefore, you and your future spouse can benefit from pre-marriage counseling provided by a licensed therapist at Wisdom Within Counseling in East Lyme. You can create a centered, trusting, and grounded foundation for an amazing marriage to thrive. Likewise, in premarital counseling in East Lyme, you and your partner can make a plan to build a strong marriage and a life together filled with love, commitment, and excitement.

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Do You Want To Have A Healthy Marriage? Start Your Skill Learning Now

Think of premarital counseling in East Lyme like this. First, be proud of yourself for meeting the right person! Secondly, know that your partner is a deep reflection of all of your unhealed wounds and pushed away feelings of loss and trauma. And, this means that your partner needs to learn skills to emotionally nurture you when you need it the most. Third, you are your partner’s teacher for all the painful moments and memories that are not deal with inside of them too. So, you also need skills to be less reactive, not take jabs personally, and techniques to keep your couple bubble strong and healthy. Call/text to get started in premarital counseling in East Lyme today (860)-451-9364.

How Does Premarital Counseling at Wisdom Within Counseling work?

To note, premarital counseling may differ by therapist. At Wisdom Within Counseling, when it comes to premarital counseling in East Lyme, we see you and your partner together first. Then, we see each partner individually for a session. And, this is the typical cycle, couples, individual, individual, and couples session. Moreover, in premarital counseling, we work with the couple unit throughout the length of therapy with individual sessions too. And, these individual sessions offer your therapist the chance to work with you and your partner. Further, individual sessions help your therapist understand your family history, patterns around fights, sexuality, and help address any concerns. And, individual therapy sessions help your therapist understand personal and relationship strengths as well as major weaknesses in your intimate relationship.

Two Books To Help You At Home Outside of Your Premarital Counseling Sessions

Seven principles For Making A Marriage Work, here.

Blueprint For A Lasting Marriage, here.

Did You Know? Couples who did premarital counseling before their wedding had a 30% higher marital success than couples who didn’t do counseling.

In premarital counseling here in Niantic, we ask that you and your partner think about your ideal marriage. And, we ask that you think about the worst imaginable marriage. From here, your premarital therapist will help you both create your ideal marriage. On that note, your therapist will also explore ways to cope with current and future frustrations. finally, things that bother you now will only magnify when you get married. So, it is best to take the proactive road an get started in premarital counseling today.

What Might You Discuss With Your Premarital Therapist at Wisdom Within Counseling?

To start, premarital counseling can be fun and playful. And, having a therapist can help give you gain self-awareness, compassion, and understanding. So, here are some topics that often are discussed in depth during premarital counseling in East Lyme.

  • Finances/Debt
  • Poor/Healthy Communication
  • Religious/Spiritual Beliefs and Values
  • Marriage roles/obligations
  • Affection, touch, urges, desire, sexuality, intimacy, and sex
  • Children and parenting
  • Family relationships and in-law relationships
  • Decision making togetherness
  • Dealing with anger, anger management
  • Alcohol use and partying
  • Quality time spent together
  • Definitions of love
  • Emotional nurturing

Therefore, pre-marriage counseling is often a six month to one year process. And, as issues arise in your marriage (which they will), the skills learned in premarital counseling can help you work together through future issues. Likewise, premarital counseling included interactive, fun activities, love-building exercises, and games to develop trust. And, these couples therapy exercises help you and your partner function better together. Lastly, in premarital counseling, you can create the marriage you have always wanted, which may not be able to do on your own.

Benefits of Premarital Counseling

To begin, one paramount benefit of premarital counseling is developing a tool box of skills to cope with issues and marriage problems. As a result of premarital counseling, your marriage will be more emotionally stable. this is because you and your partner can understand each other’s past. With a more detailed look at your childhood and your partner’s, you therapist can help you plan for what may arise when you become parents yourselves. Moreover, since the past influences your marriage, you’ll have the necessary skills to cope positively with the past and handle the future. With more relationship support, you and your partner will feel more confident in your couple unit, more trust in each other, and have a successful love life.

One Tip You Can Use Today To Improve Your Partnership

Tip 1: Team up against issues and problems. So, let go of the idea of “winner” and “loser.” You marriage is not a competition, but instead a compromise. Instead, focus on a unified team approach. And, embrace the idea that you are both equal! Don’t use any of these tactics either like the silent treatment. Get started in premarital counseling today by calling or texting (860)-451-9364.

When it comes to reconnecting distant couples, Katie Ziskind, owner of Wisdom Within Counseling, knows that it can be very difficult to talk after a trauma happens. More, a trauma can happen after a hurtful, vicious fight. Call/text (860)-451-9364 to learn skills to heal from a traumatic fight and set your marriage up for success.

Understand And Feel Understood = Communication Skills

Yes, many people want to feel understood by their partner. But, how does that happen? First, communication skills need to be taught through couples therapy sessions. And, mostly, it is education. Your partner can learn to read your body language and understand your emotional needs better. Further, you and your partner can better understand your strengths and weaknesses. Then, you can focus on healthier, more effective communication styles. Lastly, your premarital therapist in East Lyme helps you and your partner evolve and grow to integrate these new techniques into the heart of a conflict. So, instead of withdrawing, getting angry, or giving the silent treatment, you can actually resolve the conflict! From conflict resolution skills, you and your partner can feel understood and better understand each other.

Nipping Conflict In The Bud Before It Becomes A Mountain

In premarital counseling, issues that have been swept under the rug come out. But, it is positive because it is best sooner than later. And, you might find out your partner is horrible at saving and has racked up credit card debt that is a surprise. Or, you know you have trouble saving and you like to shop online, but this drives your partner up a wall. Therefore, premarital counseling will give you a chance to get these issues on the table and in the open air. By being honest and open before you say “I do,” you will be setting your marriage up for lifelong health.

Choose To Be Open and Honest Before Your Wedding Day

Often, couples will avoid talking about issues they have because they want their wedding day to be perfect. And, you don’t want to rock the boat, so to speak. However, choosing to believe that only excitement and happiness matter will leave your marriage in shambles. As you may have seen in other couples, the newlywed glow eventually wears off. Sadly, this mindset of keeping the peace is the exact opposite of setting yourself up for a successful, loving, genuine marriage. Instead, pre-marriage counseling will help you work through small and large issues now. In conclusion, premarital counseling will help you understand your differences and develop trust and emotionally connect now.

Think of Your Relationship As A Living, Breathing Organism – Premarital Counseling Support

Just like your relationship evolves, your marriage and partnership deepens, grows closer, and more bonded as a result of yoga therapy for couples. And, yoga therapy in combination with pre-marriage counseling in Niantic is about helping you connect, communicate, and support each other emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Communication skills learned through premarital counseling alongside couples yoga therapy help you feel connected to your partner in mind, body, and spirit.

Your Safe Place in East Lyme

Respect that time with your premarital counselor is a “safe zone.” And, anything that you discuss with your counselor should not be fuel for future arguments. Remember, premarital counseling is to help prevent “I told you so” negative jabs.

Final Notes On Holistic Premarital Counseling in East Lyme

In conclusion, premarital therapy offers participants a safe space to discuss concerns. But, true healing comes from being committed to the long-term process of personal growth. Do note, hearing your partner raise issues or express thoughts about your relationship may trigger you. However, therapy is the best place to feel triggered and learn how to express your feelings of loss, anger, frustration, neglect, or more. Without therapy, negative conversations, hurtful jobs, and the silent treatment will only multiply leading to divorce and massive conflict. Therefore, being truthful about relationship doubts, emotions, expectations, or goals are essential for the growth of a healthier relationship and strong marriage. Doing the hard, but worthwhile work to create a working, strong marriage foundation, with the help of a professional therapist, can begin with support at Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic.

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