Pen Pal Life Coaching

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What is Pen Pal Therapy?

Pen pal life coaching is a form of distance counseling and distance therapy that is highly effective. Furthermore, it is positive affirmation-based suited for people 15+ years old. In your mail box, look for a handwritten note of compassion and strength. As you open your note, see the note card’s colors, and personal handwriting, you’ll feel cared for and important. Admits the stress, it can be exciting to look forward to a note of positivity in your mail.

Who May Benefit?

For instance, young adults away from home at college may need extra support in the mail in addition to the school counseling center on campus. Also, adults who are single in need of emotional connection can deeply benefit from distance therapy. Additionally, receiving a handwritten note is not only a rare and special experience, but it provides an opportunity to extend from journaling.

Beyond Journaling Alone: Connect To Your Thoughts and Get Support From Your Therapist

Secondly, pen pal life coaching is a way to reflect on your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. More, as your write, it give you perspective on your week’s experiences. Further, you get to choose what you write as if you are journaling. then, you get to take your journey to the next level through distance therapy by getting a letter back.

Reassuring, Nurturing, and Compassionate Guidance Through Words

Additionally, between each letter that you receive back from me, you’ll have new experience to include in your next letter. In just a few weeks, with the support of pen pal life coaching and distance therapy, you will feel more motivated. By building a connection with yourself and me, as your therapist, you’ll train you brain to build healthy relationships with others.

See Your Life Blossom Through Pen Pal Life Coaching

In reflection, you will grown from and see your accomplishments in a whole new light. By writing down, you train your brain to focus on your next chapter. Furthermore, you gain confidence that your words are powerful. Also, by writing it is affirming that you are headed in a new, brighter direction. Pan pay life coaching, distance therapy, is a form of positive guidance that can be incredibly beneficial. Lastly, when going through a break up, ending a relationship, getting separated, and grief, reading your distance therapy note can brighten your whole day.

How Would Pen Pal Life Coaching and Distance Therapy Work For Me?

For centuries, writing has been a form of collecting inner thoughts, releasing stress and tension, and gaining new life direction. Historically, Saint Valentine wrote notes to friends by etching words onto heart shaped leaves with sharpened twigs.

Finally, Get The Support You’ve Wanted

Now, you have an opportunity to share your feelings with me. And, getting support and emotional connection and doesn’t have to be difficult due to distance. Instead, you’ll receive positive support in a reciprocal manor. Then, look forward to a new day filled with hope and inspiration. With bills, stress of work, junk mail, and more, getting the mail can now be something you look forward to doing because you’ll find a compassionate, empathy-based letter stating your accomplishments waiting for you from me.

Did You Know?

Pen Pal Life Coaching can be combined with individual therapy sessions or alone, for distance support. 

Building The Beginning Of Our Distance Therapy Relationship

First, we talk on the phone for a single 45-minute session and get to know each other. Then, we come up with a plan based on your goals. Your personalized plan can include a mixture of pen pal life coaching, distance therapy through video and phone, texting, and even in-person, local sessions in Niantic. Next, I send you a letter to the address you’ve provided within one week after our initial phone call reiterating your positive qualities, complimenting your successes (academic, work, family, and more), and ask a few questions for your reply letter.

What Is Next?

After reading your letter to me, I think about what I will say, then I will mail you your pen pal life coaching letter back. My commitment to you is that I will send you a letter in the mail to your address or P.O. box within one week of receiving your letter. Lastly, my letters will be beautifully handwritten, infused with positive energy, collaborative, and conversational, as well as personalized for you!

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