MFT Supervision

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Looking for supervision hours to become a licensed marriage and family therapist?

To start, most graduate students had supervisors during the clinical internship period. Secondly, many schools to train clinicians, practicum and internships can last from one to three years. Supervision is often combined with your courses to help you process the self of the therapist. Clients can trigger your past all the time just by tell their story to you. If you are working at a local Southeastern Connecticut agency accruing client contact hours for licensure, it takes awhile. I would love to be a resource to help you reach your goal sooner. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and registered 500-hour yoga teacher.

I want to help you reach your goal of marriage and family therapy licensure

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I love helping other marriage and family therapist become licensed. Further, being licensed sooner than later can help you have more job opportunities. And, as many agencies have high burnout rates for therapists. Additionally, by being licensed sooner, you can leave when you feel burnt out. Furthermore, it is best to get licensed sooner than later. Therefore, you can work for a private practice in your area or you can open your own! Finally, if you are looking to learn about working in a private practice as a therapist, you can do so here.

Supervision is unique and holistic. Learn how to use play therapy, art, yoga, music, and animal therapies as a marriage and family therapist in your sessions!

Accrue your hours for marriage and family therapist licensure faster

Right now, you might be working at an agency in Southeastern Connecticut. With your job, perhaps a two year commitment, you receive one hour of supervision per week. By adding in supervision at Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic, you can tackle your hours. And, you can get licensed as a marriage and family therapist faster. And, even if you love your current supervisor, I can be your secondary supervisor.

Holistic Art, Yoga, Music, and Animal Therapy

And, you’ll get information and resources on holistic counseling. In my practice for marriage and family therapy, I use art, yoga, music, and animal therapies. And, my team helps anxious children, depressed teens, and distant couples who want to reconnect. My approach is based in creativity, independence, and stepping into the child’s world with play therapy. And, if these approach intrigue you, I would love to talk further and get a supervision session scheduled! Marriage and family therapy supervision at Wisdom Within Counseling can include shadowing holistic counseling sessions and one-on-one time to process. Call/text to get started in MFT supervision (860)-451-9364.

Afraid To Counsel Children? Never Worked With Kids Before In Therapy? Play Therapy Supervision

Are fearful or scared to work with children because you never had a chance to do so? First, shadowing a play therapy session can help boost your clinical confidence to work with children one day. And, seeing a couples yoga therapy session can open your mind to more than just traditional talk therapy sessions. Often, some therapists don’t like working with a specific population. Moreover, it is because they simply didn’t get enough education in graduate school and clinical experience with that group. I would love to help you learn how to work with child, teens, families, and couples,.

I love offering supervision to marriage and family therapists looking to expand their knowledge to creative therapies, yoga therapy, and holistic counseling.

Call/Text (860)-451-9364 to reach my director of details, Emily. Then, ask to schedule a marriage and family supervision session with me!