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Join For Hiking Therapy, with Katie Ziskind, LMFT, East Lyme Psychologist!

Have you ever heard of the runner’s high? Dreamed of feeling confident in your body? Physical movement is a huge part of motivation, a positive coping skill. Also, exercising builds self-awareness for overcoming the challenges of life. All are welcome in my office in Niantic.

Furthermore, hiking and outdoor therapy sessions help to remind you of your beauty, wisdom, power, and grace that is within you.

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Yoga Therapy for PTSD

Why Animal Therapy?

Want To Try Everything Before Medicating Your Child?

Moreover, adventure therapy includes yoga, going for a walk, and outdoor hikes. During poor weather conditions, we do yoga inside. Positive life skills are build such as self-care, empowerment, motivation, self-esteem, and healthy relationships. Lastly, creating a lifestyle change through nutrition, fun, and adventure can be more supportive long-term than ADHD medication.

Why I Do What I Do: The Exercise Prescription

Hyperactivity and movement are not always welcome, especially in classroom settings. Therefore, parents with ADHD and those who have children with ADHD fully understand the integral need to move. They understand how important movement is for relieving the root cause of hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattentiveness, and more. In my office, I provide play therapy as well as yoga and music therapy that help your child with ADHD feel supported and accepted. Read more about walk and talk sessions, here.

Yoga Therapy for PTSD
Benefits of Hiking, Walking, and Yoga On Mental Health

Likewise, a recent study published in the Journal of Attention Disorders showed that vigorous intensity exercise for 45-minutes a day, three times a week, significantly improved cognitive and behavioral function. ADHD therapy is movement-based and is strength-based in my practice. Further, I focus on your child’s strengths and help them feel good about themselves.

In The Media

At times, news reporters ask experts for their opinions and experience. Katie Ziskind, LMFT, RYT500 is featured in the article below. Topics Katie Ziskind has been mentioned in vary including, exercise, nutrition, family life, wellness, self-care, couples therapy, children, and connection. Enjoy reading about the: Best Meditation Books.

Strength-Based: Is Your Child Bullied? Do They Call Them Self Stupid?

Oftentimes, parents seek my support because their child with ADHD has developed very low self-esteem. And, this is because they have been told they are doing it wrong in school. Also, children with ADHD are often isolated in detention causing even more negative behaviors. Unfortunately, parents raising children with ADHD are pressured by the school to medicate.

Movement Based ADHD Therapy at Wisdom Within Counseling

Not to mention, neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine play a critical role in the expression of ADHD as well as emotion. Furthermore, these chemicals are most commonly targeted by ADHD medications, but they can prevent children from growing properly. Then, when you swim, run, exercise, do yoga, throw a football around, and even laugh, your brain releases loads of these chemicals naturally!

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ADHD Therapy: Building New, Neuro-Pathways Long-Term

As a result of exercise, your attention increases. Then, this probes the brain’s natural ability to release more of these feel-good chemicals, creating new neuro-pathways. Therefore, reducing the need for medication, exercise promotes positive changes in brain structure! Moreover, exercise  increases the production of mood-boosting chemicals. And, these chemicals foster focused cognitive function and attention.

Incorporating New Coping Skills For Lifelong Wellness

Also, when compared to walking or running on a treadmill, studies show that complex activities are the best for people with ADHD. This is not limited to but includes martial arts, yoga, ballet, gymnastics, mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking.

Move Around For A Boost Of Concentration and Focus Afterwards

Studies found, the people that practiced more complex skills had more dramatic and significant improvements. For this reason, complex motor skills that are used when exercising boost mood. And, growth in the cerebellum is clinically noted when many muscle groups are used when compared to a simple aerobic activity. Meaning, children and teens who have ADHD need more stimulation to feel challenged and fulfilled. Therefore, talking while hiking can be the perfect fit!

ADHD: physical strength and a joy for constant activity

Again, people with ADHD benefit from and enjoys being challenged more so than someone without ADHD. Therefore, ADHD therapy in my practice, Wisdom Within Counseling, is holistic. Furthermore, experiential therapy can be very supportive.

Feeling Overwhelmed and Pressure That You “Should” Medicate?

You child’s school may be pushing you to medicate. You parents may pressure you to take medication that you don’t want. First, lets start with a lifestyle approach. When it comes to ADHD therapy, hiking, movement, yoga, and walking can make a huge impact in mental health. Therefore, I offer art, yoga, music, and outdoor therapy along with talk counseling. After no of those work, then lets talk about medication.

Movement As ADHD Therapy

Similarly, when a person with ADHD pushes themselves, they not only increase their physical abilities during the exercise, but receive long lasting benefits with improvements in their focus and concentration, cognitive ability, and a boost in attention.

Creating A Positive Change In A Child With ADHD

At times, exercise may serve as a suitable replacement for prescription medications. For some, exercise can be complimentary and adjunct to their treatment. Also, some even feel a cognitive boost for to three hours after exercise and other feel this for longer. As an East Lyme Psychologist who strongly believes in lifestyle changes over first jumping to medicate, I am here for you.

In conclusion, children, teens, and adults can release emotions through exercise. Then, through movement success in other areas of life such as school, work, family, and peers will come. Being a holistic East Lyme Psychologist, I would love to connect with your family!

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