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If you are a young adult around the age of 18-45 years old, you’re in the right place. I’m here for you as an East Lyme Therapist. You’ve finally found your support.

When you think about calling your parents, you feel overwhelmed and a load of anxiety. I totally understand this feeling and provide you with positive cooing skills. These new skills include breathing techniques, yogic practices, holistic art and music therapies, talk therapy, as well as walk and talk therapy. Talking to your parents can be something you’ve pushed off for years. This because, well, they are crazy. Learn how to have a healthy relationship with even the craziest parents in therapy with Katie Ziskind LMFT, RYT500. Here, (enjoy by clicking this direct link to the article)  is an article, including a published quote from Katie Ziskind, East Lyme Therapist. Text to get started (860)-451-9364.

Are You a Young Adult with Stress and Anxiety?

Young adults often put too much pressure on themselves and don’t know how to let go and relax. Being over-stressed can put strain on sibling relationships and make home life challenging for everyone at home. At times, the stress of balancing academics, relationships, parents, and work can be overwhelming. 

Additionally, not to mention the pressure of competing for the best scholarship, faster running time, and having to put on a perfectionist mask. In my practice, young adults learn to calm their nervous system by learning to trust themselves through DBT, skill-based therapy. Read more, Art Therapy.

A Safe Place For You

You may be out of high school, but now a whole new set of excitement has occurred.  No one every said this is what your young adult life would look like. Yes, you want to feel in control and balanced, but you’ve lost your sense of health and motivation.

Do You Want To Discover Yourself and Feel Positive About Your Life?

Perhaps, you have recently had a change, such as getting married, changing jobs, a rush of anxiety, a moving, or a transition like ending a relationship. Even the most welcome changes come with added stress. All these anxious, overwhelming feelings are starting to interfere with work, your love life, and your self-esteem. Consequently then, you get to bring all of your fears and anxieties to the table, and we can to work through them together.

Is Anxiety So Intense That You Stay Home?

Anxiety can feel like the walls are closing in- you can’t breathe, your heart is racing, and your vision becomes blurry. These feelings are too familiar. Then, you had to leave your job because panic attacks occurred during your work hours and you were afraid no one would understand. Now, you feel like others are judging you and looking at your every move. Even thought you know it is really important to get a, “full night of sleep,” insomnia seems to be the norm in your young adult life. Know that sleep problems are very common in young adults with anxiety.

Coffee becomes a need. And, you find yourself drinking coffee to stay alert during the day and craving sweets such as candy, muffins, cake, and cookies. Craving sweets and salty food is actually fueling your anxiety. You gut is connected to your brain!

I can teach you all about how nutrition and gut health can be improved and how they are directly linked to balanced mood.

Anxiety is only a part of you, even though right now you feel helpless. I am here as a resource to help you overcome your anxiety!

A Recent Break Up Keeping You Stuck?

When a relationship ends, no matter how long or short, it can be devastating. Depression becomes very real and hobbies you used to find exciting are no longer interesting. The joy seems drained out of your life. The “Goodnight, I love you,” texts you used to look forward to no longer come. The things you liked to do don’t seem so fun with out your ex. You can’t sleep and are awake at night trying to wrap your mind around why they broke up with you, re-thinking your last moments. Now, tears come too easily and you want to get back to your healthy self. I am here to help you develop positive coping skills to get through this tough time and help you recognize your amazing potential with out your ex!

Do You Want To Move Out?

Whether you are 25 years old or 30 years old, making a move out of your parent’s home and into a place of your own can bring new fears, insecurities, worries, and anxiety. You are beginning to build an independent, healthy life that belongs to you! However, when you sit down to think about your dream job, salary, perfect apartment or house, what comes to mind? You may feel depressed about your current job, afraid to leave your job, and feel that living with your parent’s is your own options. At the same time, you feel stuck living with your parents. When you think about renting your own apartment or owning a house, thinking about what kind of future you want is essential. Do you want children? Do you want to be married?

It can be exceptionally difficult to work through this transition, these decisions, and I am here to help you! I am a holistic and patient.

Niantic is a small town. I keep your confidentiality. If we see each other in the town, if someone asks, I say that I knew you from high school or from town.

Committed to you, I work as a east lyme therapist, but serve a variety  of neighboring towns including Mystic, Groton, Ledyard, Old Saybrook, Niantic, East Lyme, Old Lyme, Pawcatuck, Salem, New London, and more. 
Moreover, I am here to help you manifest positive relationships!
Do You Want To Date and Create a Romantic Partnership with Someone?

Thinking about dating, going out in public, having a social life, and even asking someone out can bring up fear, social anxiety, and hopelessness. Alcohol may seem like it will take the edge off your social anxiety, but in reality, you find yourself more shy, anxious, and in need of self-confidence.

Just Married and Still Feeling Lonely and Distant? 

Even in a new marriage, it can still feel lonely during the days when your spouse is out. When you were dating, life was different, fun, and active. However, now that you are married, you feel a heavy weight and loads of anxiety about your new responsibilities. You stay at home, but have anxiety about going out and being a failure. Your partner may be the best thing that happened to you, but don’t understand your mental health, and still, something doesn’t feel right. You have told your past therapists you don’t want medication and just want to talk, yet they still ask you to consider it. That has left you feeling even more lonely. I am here for you and I understand.

A Quick Tip For Feeling BetterThe You Can Do Right Now: Can Singing In The Car Help? 

At times, journalists will ask specialists in their fields for their expertise and quotes for articles. Katie Ziskind LMFT, RYT500 was featured as an expert in this article, Five Reasons Singing In The Car Is Good For Your Health, click here to read.

Turned 30 and Want To Become The Person You Dream of Being?

Do you find yourself thinking, “Where am I going with my life?” Having a birthday, turning 30 years old, and realizing you aren’t where you are meant to be can be a reality check. Lots of emotions surface. Additionally, you may want to quit your “alright” job, have been looking into different religions, show unexpected anger, feel depressed, and are even thinking about death. I hear you. Weather you are looking for an East Lyme therapist or a long distance therapy session, here, I am here for you. Then, a few weeks ago, your family said, “You are going through a midlife crisis!” You may be feeling trapped in your current relationships and want a newfound sense of self-confidence. As you embark into your new 30 year old decade, your metabolism has slowed down and your once “hot” body now looks and feels “older.” You’ve been putting on extra weight, conveniently eating fast food, and experience depression, guilt, and fear. You deeply want to get back to a healthier way of living. I am here to help your whole body, mind, and spirit!

The young adult phase of life can be a time of anxiety and challenging decisions- I am here for you!

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