Couples Therapy

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Getting Your Needs Met In Your Marriage or Long-Term Partnership

Couples therapy in Niantic, Connecticut at Wisdom Within Counseling or online can be a positive growth process for you and your partner(s). When you get in an argument with your partner, your may find yourself upset and angry with your partner’s numb reaction of distance. As a psychologist in Niantic, I teach you and your partner how to fight fairly. In time, you can better understand what is underneath the anger.

Yelling Has Been Exhausting 

You might yell and feel like you aren’t yourself when you are fighting. Meanwhile, you may feel that your partner is missing your point or not hearing you at all. As a psychologist in Niantic, I look at the whole family unit. Even you childhood memories and family patterns have an influence on your current romantic relationship.

TeleTherapy: Long Distance Couples Therapy

Online through TeleTherapy, here, you can have an amazing therapeutic journey. Distance doesn’t have to get in the way. As if you are in person, in my office near East Lyme, Connecticut, we get to talk over video or over the phone.

What Does Couples Therapy Look Like?

When you come in asking for marriage counseling, as a Niantic psychologist, I work with you as an individual, your partner as an individual, and both of you as a unit. And, sometimes I want to ask about your children, and even grandparents. Expect individual and couple sessions.

Can Meditation Really help My Partner And I Feel Closer? 

At times, journalists will ask specialists in their fields for their expertise and quotes for articles. Katie Ziskind LMFT, RYT500 was featured as an expert in this article, How Couples’ Meditation Can Strengthen Relationships, click here to read.

Marriage Counseling In Niantic, Connecticut and Online
-To Help You Be Heard

In fights, it is normal to feel that you are the one doing all the talking. For example, one person is the distance-er and the other is the pursuer. Next, your fights become an engrained cycle. All in all, I would love to be the couples therapist that steps in to help you break your negative cycle and better the lives of your children. By practicing the fair fighting skills learned in our parent conversation sessions, you will be modeling positive fighting skills.

As a result of couples therapy, your children will likewise learn ways to effectively communicate!

Healthy Fighting: Tools For Breaking Up Your Fights Calmly

In addition, if one person is unhappy in a partnership or marriage, it is vital to ask for help to take appropriate next steps for both partners to be healthy.

Do You Feel Misunderstood and Angry?

Oftentimes, both people can feel unheard, unloved, and unacknowledged. Simply feeling unappreciated can cause loads fo angry feelings. With the help of a therapist, such as myself at Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic, Connecticut, you can love each other deeper.

Fighting and Swearing In Front Of Your Children?

When parenting children, it is essential to keep fights to a minimum in front of your children, adolescents, or teens. Emotionally, when you get triggered, it can be hard to pull back in from of your little ones. However, I would love to help guide you through the process of marriage counseling.

Do You Want To Feel More Attached and Connected To Your Partner?

Additionally, couples counseling helps both people to feel more secure and attached. Furthermore, my office becomes a safe place to open up. And, you and your partner move from frustration and fighting to healing and intimacy. Thus, in couples therapy in Niantic, you and your partner can have healthier conversations about emotions and reconnect.

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For instance, as your couples psychologist in Niantic, I may recommend books for you to read to deepen your journey of self-discovery. Additionally, I may assign you couples therapy homework to reinforce playfulness after your couple therapy sessions.

Past, Present, and Future Goals in Couples Therapy 

From growing up, every person has mishaps, traumas, and patterns. In other words, these past experiences play a major role in your interactions in your current relationship, in how you parent your children, and the social-interaction skills your teenagers take into young adult years.

Furthermore, in your parent conversation sessions, couple’s therapy, and marriage counseling sessions, I do a family history, which is called a genogram, that looks back at three generations of patterns. At Wisdom Within Counseling, I offer couples therapy in Niantic, Connecticut, online and in person.

Parent sessions, while your child, adolescent, or teen is getting their weekly therapy sessions, can help your whole family function better!

Understanding Past Family Patterns

Essentially, within the context of couple’s counseling, you will gain a better understanding of how your past patterns influence your social and intimate behaviors. Finally, you’ll also better understand your partner’s past. Therefore, this helps to understand their triggers. Lastly, at any stage of parenting, your past trauma, may resurface. And, it can interfere with the way you relate to your partner and children.

Do You And Your Partner Parent Differently and Want To See Eye-To-Eye?

For instance, the way your teenager speaks to you may be a trigger for you, but not your spouse. Then, this situation creates a divide in the strength of your marriage and parenting unit. During your couples therapy sessions in Niantic, Connecticut, as a psychologist, we get to work through tough stuff. Mentally, you may be worried and exhausted. What you have been doing isn’t working. Therefore, experiential, holistic therapies can facilitate new healing, positive interactions with your partner.

I work to help you feel stable, solid, and confident with your spouse as you parent your children together from a unified front!

The Couple’s Therapy Dance

I will assess “your dance” a.k.a. your patterns of interactions. Additionally, from a professional perspective as a psychologist in Niantic, we can work together. Also, you two will develop healthier communication skills. And, you will learn more effective ways of getting your needs met without yelling. Further, you will see how you both “dance” to distress, anger, and misunderstandings. As well, you can create a new joyful, intimate, beautiful, courageous, and successful dance.

“We can develop confidence in our ability to work with and mold our most precious love relationships.”

– Dr. Sue Johnson

How Sex Therapy and Gender Roles Play Into Your Marriage

The Pressure To Perform Sexually: Males

Also, marriage counseling involves taking about your sexual desires and needs. I provide sex therapy for individuals and couples who find it challenging to have sex. In our culture, stereotypes and gender roles can negatively influence the ability for couples to have sex. Moreover, males are told by the media their “duty” is to preform better, which leads to performance anxiety. Overall, often decreased libido due in males is a result to overwhelming sexual pressure.

Reasons For A Low Sex Drive: Females

Likewise, society places immense pressure on females to remain “skinny,” be beautiful, and to lose weight. Additionally, stereotypes state that a woman’s mere “duty” is to comply and fulfill the male’s desires. If a female initiates or asks for sex, she is considered “loose.” Sadly, these gender roles make it difficult for a woman to communicate her needs in her relationship and marriage. In conclusion, these stigmas lead to negative body image issues, eating disorders, and sexual insecurity for women.

Dissolving Stereotypes For A Committed Relationship

Clearly, part of your couples therapy sessions in Niantic with me will address and dissolve these counter productive stereotypes placed on your and your partner through society.

Marriage Counseling For Gender-Questioning Clients

In addition, society also considers talking openly about sex taboo. Many therapists become embarrassed. Nevertheless, I accept all and talk openly about sex therapy. I am an LGBTQIA+, kink, and poly friendly therapist. Read more, here. I am trained to talk with you about about your past sexual experiences, past traumas that may be playing a role, your current sexual needs and desires.

I am an LGBTQIA+ Ally.

Together, during your couples therapy in Niantic, we can work together to negotiate sexual curiosities in the LGBTQIA+ community, sexual functioning, rekindling desire, understanding satisfaction, and even knowledge of male and female anatomy.

Worries, Excitement, and Fears in LGBTQIA+ Couples Counseling

For instance, you may have found your husband wearing your clothes and feel a number of emotions. In contrast, you may find yourself married, but now are attracted to the same gender. Again, no problem is too big or too small. Please, talk with me. I am here for you at Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic, Connecticut, and I totally understand your frustrating, loss, and pain.

Marriage Counseling and Sexual Attraction

When a couple gets in an argument, sex is the first thing to go and the last thing to come back. Before long, sex issues are present in your marriage. Additionally, underlying emotional issues often surface, which I nurture and attend to with compassion.

Trauma Response: Sex As A Power Tool

Also, your partner may use sex to take a power stance or your partner may want to try something you have never done before. To sum up, I would love to speak with you on the phone about how I can help you and your partner build a safe connection and work on your marriage.

Sex Therapy: Reasons To Ask a Professional Family Therapist For Help
  • Concerns and nervousness about sexual functioning, such as issues that have developed regarding libido, arousal, orgasm, and if you experience pain during foreplay or sex
  • Fundamental sex education for parents (advice for educating your children about sex)
  • Addressing sexual abuse and trauma and how these events influence your current partnership
  • Differences in desire and how to rekindle desire after a lull among couples
Changes in Desire or Libido: Rekindling Intimacy
  • Changes in your hormones, lifespan, and emotional state
LGBTQIA+ Couples Welcome!
  • Interest in exploring polyamory, swinging, fetishes, kinks, such as BDSM

Helping You: As A Niantic Psychologist In Couples Therapy 
  • Differences in desired progression of sexual relationship among couples
  • Pre-marital sex counseling
  • Enhance and progression of your current sexual relationship
  • Talk about questions about sexual identity, gender fluidity, gender stereotypes, and clothing preferences
  • Look at or resolve worries, fears, and problematic sexual inhibitions or habits

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