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Watch this video for a few book recommendations for children going through divorce/separation as well as parenting information about how children react to divorce.

From experiencing divorce, children can show:

-Bedwetting, stomach aches, head aches, anxiety, school avoidance, depression, tiredness, anger, frustration, crying, and more. Therefore, helping children adjust to divorce includes child therapy sessions as well as individual parent support sessions weekly.

Each child reacts differently to divorce

First off, divorce is not easy for parents or children. But, having a child therapist support your youngster can be helpful for your whole family. Even if your child seems fine with your family’s changes, a child therapist can help your child process their own feelings about the divorce. And, children often won’t talk to parents. Helping children adjust to divorce means getting a child therapist. To note, this is because your child is feeling pulled between picking sides. Furthermore, even if divorce is a positive step, it is a time of sadness, change, loss, and can include childhood anxiety. Read more about childhood anxiety, here.

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Moving between homes – Child therapy & divorce in Niantic

Likewise, helping children adjust to divorce means getting the support of weekly child therapy sessions. For one, your child has always known the definition of your family to look one way. But, now, your family will be totally and completely different. Moving homes, having separate holidays, and not seeing both parents in one day can be hard.

How can you, as a parent, help your child adjust to divorce?

For parents, helping children adjust to divorce means keeping healthy boundaries, keeping conflict low. So, not sharing your aggravation about your ex with your children and seeking weekly individual counseling yourself are a good start. Further, in parent support sessions, our team of mental health therapists help you learn the best ways to help your child adjust to divorce. And, parents often have guilt and need to spend time working on their own emotions with a professional therapist. And, if and when you start dating again, your child’s therapist can help him or her begin readjusting to that change too. In summary, helping children adjust to divorce in Niantic through holistic, child therapy is a three to nine month process.

Parenting tip for divorce: Stay healthy yourself

To continue, avoid talking badly about your child’s other parent. Likewise, don’t blame your child’s other parent, even if you are hurt or angry. When you feel triggered, the best thing you can do to help your child adjust to divorce is remain respectful and centered. In reality, bashing your child’s other parent will hinder your bond, trust, and attachment with your child. To add, children love and need both of their parents in order to have a healthy sense of self in teen and adult years. So, demonizing their other parent will not make them love you more.

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Seek individual counseling as a parent and stay respectful about your child’s other parent

And, your child really shouldn’t hear about the issues that went on in your relationship with your ex, no matter how bad. Remember, seeking your own individual counseling is positive self-care. In conclusion, children can easily experience a loyalty conflict. And, talking negatively about your child’s other parent will prevent an open, honest talk as your child will feel like they have to pick sides. Lastly, children need to feel that both of their parents love them and that they are valuable because each child is a mixture of both parents. Call/text (860)-451-9364 to get your child going through divorce started in holistic child counseling in Niantic today.

A Safe Space For Children To Release Feelings About Divorce

Helping children adjust to divorce

To start, your child might be angry and frustrated after you tell them about your decision to get divorced. Your child might run out of the room, might start throwing a temper tantrum, or might get very quiet and go through months of selective mutism or refusing to speak. Thus, every child experiences, feels, and reacts to divorce in a unique way. A child experiencing divorce needs a therapist, a professional outside of their family. Furthermore, your child’s therapist can provide your child with tools and techniques to normalize the divorce. As well, your child’s therapist can teach positive coping skills through art, yoga, music, and animal therapies. And, these techniques support your child’s feelings, offer ways of releasing besides just talking, and overall help your child adjust to divorce more smoothly. Read more about fostering your child’s emotional awareness, here.

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