How do you know when you need marriage counseling?

As a marriage and family therapist in Niantic, I see all types of families. What if I told you there was a transformative process for making a relationship work better? Many couples seek couples counseling because they are fighting, frustrated, and yelling. So, marriage therapy in Niantic can help you feel less distant, fight more fairly and calmly, and feel understood.

Frustration? Fighting? Anger & Resentment?

When your partner yells, it is because they feel unheard. And, yes, yelling does not help the situation. And, typically, when one person yells, the other partner shuts down and develops low self-esteem.

Or, the both partners escalate emotionally and yell at each other. Do either of these sound like you and your partner?

Is there a magic formula to help partners feel connected?

So, back to that original question. Really, is there a magic formula to make fights stop and partners feel connected? Even if I say, yes, I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me. Difficult relationships are easy to spot in the the movies and on tv. In Shameless, yelling and dramatic fights are the norm. Not to mention, many movies portray alcohol and drugs to help with sex, bonding, and intimacy, when in reality they hinder trust. Couples counseling in Niantic helps you and your partner learn how to relax together and connect. Katie Ziskind specializes with distant couples and offers yoga therapy sessions in supplement. Yoga therapy for distant couples helps promote healthy touch. Additionally, yoga therapy with couples therapy builds the foundation of trust again, if it has been broken.

Love is nothing like the movies and reality tv shows

And, reality shows like to portray couples relationships as sexy, physical, and dramatic. But, a real relationship takes commitment, trusts, connection, and communication. There is a totally effective method for happy, healthy relationships, and it is called holistic marriage counseling. In Niantic, at Wisdom Within Counseling, we offer distant couples positive conflict resolution skills to step out of flight, flight, and freeze responses.

If you are on the brink of divorce or separation, are frustrated, and feeling disconnected, call/text today to get started in holistic couples & co-parenting counseling in Niantic (860)-451-9364.

From couples therapy in Niantic, at Wisdom Within Counseling, we offer you and your partner, on the brink of separation or divorce lots of hope. Instead of separating, we teach you how to build relationship skills. And, communicating effectively isn’t something anyone taught you in school. So, it isn’t your fault, it just takes education. Math, science, and PE were when you learned, but not important empathy skills to handle conflict calmly! Furthermore, engaging in activities that enhance our connection, and using couples therapy to tackle any of the big issues.

Do you want to have fun with your partner? Feeling like roommates? Couples therapists in Niantic can help.

Read more about why divorce happen, here. And, read about old-fashioned fun, building, and maintaining a great relationship, here.

How long does couples therapy take to work?

Couples therapy often takes six months to one year to work. Sessions are conducted weekly with you, you and your partner, and just your partner. Therefore, you couples therapist can understand how your parents, childhood, and past have influenced your current negative interactions. In conclusion, marriage therapy takes commitment, time, and it is well worth the work. Further, all the skills, tools, and essential techniques you need for creating connection will be taught weekly in your couples therapy sessions in Niantic. Call/text to get started in holistic couples therapy or marriage counseling today (860)-451-9364.

Is marriage counseling in Niantic a good idea?

Yes! If you connect with any of the following statements:

First, you want to rekindle desire and sexuality. You are both invested in your relationship and in love, but have gotten stuck in the monotony and routine of parenting.

Moreover, you’re feeling bored in your relationship. You’ve forgotten what you have most fun doing together as a couple.

And, complacency is the norm.

Likewise, you want to rebuild trust and create deeper love.

Lastly, you want to spice up your relationship and make your relationship a priority again! Marriage therapy in Niantic helps you and your partner understand each other, be more open, love deeper, resolve conflict better, and create trust.

Marriage counseling teaches you and your partner essential tool and techniques to resolve conflict better. Thus, your children learn that a marriage doesn’t have to be just frustrated fighting. A marriage can be fun!

How do you know when you need marriage counseling?

In Niantic, when I work with a couple, I often make a few relationship tweaks, and both people work better together. You know you need marriage counseling when you are frustrated to the point of contempt. Or, when you use any of these negative interaction styles, here. And, when you get defensive, this breaks attachments and hurts your partner. So, if you are getting defensive in your arguments, you definitely need the help of a marriage specialist or couples therapist. Marriage therapy in Niantic helps you stop being defensive and instead improve communication through specific skills and education.

Are conflicts leaving you resentful and sleeping in separate beds?

Furthermore, when you conflicts become resentful, this is really bad for your relationship. More, if you have yelling, screaming, “fuck you,” fights, this is not going to get better on its own. Your marriage will only become worse. Don’t wait o seek professional marriage therapy in Niantic before it is too late. Sadly, many couples wait before the hurt and anger has piled up to get support.

Marriage therapy in Niantic teaches your children what a healthy marriage looks like

To note, if you have children, your fights are negatively impacting them regardless if they hear you or not. Your children understand more than you may realize. So, if you get help now, you’ll be teaching your children healthier interaction styles. Marriage therapy in Niantic will teach your children that a marriage can be fun, playful, curious, loving, and affectionate!

Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy in Niantic teaches your children healthier communication

But, when you fight and are aggressive, this teaches your children that all marriages are filled with fights, anger, and sleeping in separate beds. By seeking the help of expert marriage and family therapy specialists in Niantic, you’ll help you whole family to function better. And, you’ll teach your children healthy conflict resolution skills. Lastly, from couples therapy in Niantic you and your partner can connect on a deep level. In session, you both can learn how to create the trusting relationship/marriage that you’ve always dreamed of and wanted!

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