Are Foods Really Good or Bad?

In America and the western culture, we are quick to label foods as good or bad. In the 1980’s, fats were deemed bad. And, food companies made bank labeling foods as fat free. However, fats are really important for a healthy brain and heart! Moreover, many people struggle with a healthy relationship with food. With candy and sweets being less expensive than wholesome, real food, grabbing the soda can seem easier. Furthermore, a negative relationship with food can lead to negative relationships with people. Wisdom Within Counseling in East Lyme offers holistic, integrative, nutrition counseling in the Southeastern Connecticut area. Read more about tips to promote a healthy digestive system and how food and mental health, here. Enjoy!

What Are Sugar Free Foods?

First, sugar free foods have fake sugar, which is carcinogenic. This fake sugar is sweet, so it tricks your body, but still leaves you with sugar cravings. And, fake sugar has also been shown to be very addictive especially when combined with caffeine such as in diet sodas. So, you’re better off having a tablespoon of real sugar or raw local honey rather than Splenda or sugar substitute. During your nutrition counseling session in Niantic, you’ll learn all about how to have a healthy relationship with food as well as integrative, holistic, self-care practices.

What Are Fat Free Items?

Secondly, fat free items also lead to cravings. Fat is how your heart and your brain are made. And, your brain is almost all fat. So, fats are healthy in moderation. Healthy fats such as from grass fed beef, organic local eggs, avocados, brazil nuts and more, are very important for cognitive function. Plus, memory, and even overall endurance in terms of exercise, are impacted by fats. Therefore, anytime you restrict or eliminate one single food, you’re actually perpetuate your inner critic and self sabotaging behavior. So, there is a shame and guilt cycle.

How Can Food Help You Love Yourself?

In conclusion, food is your most intimate relationship with yourself. It’s a way of expressing self love sustainably and consciously. Food issues go deep into our childhoods. And, food can be like a best friend. Sugar can be comforting. Furthermore, Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic offers nutrition counseling in Niantic. Read more about nutrition counseling for mental health in Niantic here.

How Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic Can Help You
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