Holistic Therapy: How Yoga, Gratitude, and Meditation

What are yoga poses, practices, and habits that you can do when you are looking to express gratitude?

First, heart opening yoga poses are fabulous for welcoming gratitude. So, when you open your heart in a yoga pose, it stretches your connective tissue. Then, this provides you with an emotional release and boost of feel-good chemicals. Likewise, studies have shown that yoga and mediation can lower stress levels, boost metabolism, reduce anxiety, and help you beat depression.

Compassion in heart-opening yoga poses

Further, if you are looking to open you heart, Katie Ziskind LMFT, RYT500 recommends these; upward facing dog, airplane, sphinx, balancing dancer, bow pose, locust, camel, cobra, bridge, wheel, and fish pose. Also, repeating a mantra or positive affirmation in these poses to reinforces gratitude. For instance, say to yourself, “I am grateful for being alive. And, I have all that I need in this moment.” If you need reassurance, say to yourself, I have accomplished so much so far. I am good enough as I am. Remind yourself, I am thankful for my healthy body, mind, and spirit.”

How does each of these practices work to help you express gratitude?

When stressed out, heart opening poses help release any tightness in your chest. Sometimes, your chest gets tight due to stress or worries. And, it can also get tired from sitting hunched over all day. Then, when you open your heart, you will feel open minded. Furthermore, in integrative, holistic therapy at Wisdom Within Counseling, you develop a connection to yourself. From this inner connection, you can extend self love to others more compassionately. In conclusion, heart opening poses express physical energy as well as emotional and mental energy. Lastly, heart openers also help you connect spiritually. Your holistic therapist at Wisdom Within Counseling in East Lyme can teach you heart opening yoga poses that will help you remember your spiritual connection to all beings.

Why is regularly expressing gratitude important?

Secondly, expressing gratitude regularly is important. However, with our American culture and media, you may feel like you aren’t good enough. And, you may want a bigger house, more money, and a better body. Sadly, with this perspective depression and anxiety fester. Instead, a daily yoga practice can help you focus on the positives, all you’ve accomplished. From holistic therapy in East Lyme, you therapist will help you focus on your successes rather than what you don’t have. Further, holistic therapy is like brushing and flossing your teeth. Holistic therapy that includes yoga allows your energetic body to let go of anything negative that you don’t need.

Countering the negative thoughts: I am not god enough.

Undoubtedly, society tells us that we always need more, a bigger car, more money, a better body. If we only look at this, we will feel so negative about ourselves. It’s a choice to look at gratitude as a daily practice and make a point to think about things were thankful for daily. By thinking about things you’re thankful for, you’ll end up seeing good things, looking on the bright side and enjoying life more.

Self-Confidence and Strength
How does your meditation practice help your relationships?

Similarly, meditation in holistic therapy at Wisdom Within Counseling near East Lyme, Connecticut can teach you how to remain calm and centered in the midst of tension. In meditation, a person learns to focus on their breathing, slow their breathing, and connect to their deeper emotions. By connecting inside, a person also gains self confidence and positive coping skills. Furthermore, meditation is a form of compassionate mind training. Read more about Holistic Therapy For Yogis, here.

Building a meditation practice: holistic therapy in East Lyme, Connecticut

When two people, such as couples or friends, have a meditation practice, they can remind each other to stay focused and calm. When you see your mind, body, and spirit as integrated, you go deeper. Likewise, meditation promotes self-awareness, so each person is more in tune with their true and genuine feelings rather than anger or sarcasm. Also, meditation can decrease conflicts and improve communication skills.

For the yogi: Integrative meditation and holistic therapy go hand in hand

And, meditation teaches “ahimsa,” which translates to “love for oneself is love for all” or “non-violence.” So, from this place of unity in integrative meditation, a couple or siblings learn to respect each other’s feelings and opinions. So, guided meditations are a big part of holistic couples therapy in Niantic. In conclusion, meditation can be done laying down, seated , or even walking. Couples or friends can also practice guiding mediations for each other by reading a script or using their own imagination to tack each other on a journey of light, healing, and love. Read more about research on yoga, here.

How is what Wisdom Within Counseling offers unique, holistic, and different than other talk therapy?

In holistic therapy, at Wisdom Within Counseling in East Lyme, Connecticut, you will learn meditation, gratitude, and yogic techniques. Your holistic therapist, Katie Ziskind, LMFT, RYT500, is an expert in combining yoga therapy with traditional talk therapy.

More Information About How Wisdom Within Counseling Can Help You
Marriage and family in Niantic is integrative and holistic. Katie Ziskind LMFT, RYT500, practice owner of Wisdom Within Counseling, is here for you. Also, Katie Ziskind LMFT, RYT500 accepts you just the way you are in this moment. Katie Ziskind of East Lyme specializes with a variety of issues including depression in couples therapy, anger management relationship counseling, teen stress, and anxiety therapy. She also enjoys working with individuals, children, and adolescents. Further, at Wisdom Within Counseling, near East Lyme, Connecticut, is a practice that uses art, yoga, music, and outdoor therapies woven together with talk therapy. Additionally, Wisdom Within Counseling, a practice for marriage and family therapy in Connecticut is an LGBTQIA+ friendly and advocates for youth and adults. Read more about LGBTQ support at Wisdom Within Counseling, here.
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