Potty Training Tips

When potty training, it can be exhausting and frustrating especially if your child is “late” in the game and you are feeling pressure from their school. Some children may even be as old as six years old and have started school. Oftentimes, parents may notice sensory issues with the toilet and potty training. For instance, a child may be scared due to the loud noise the flush makes or be sensitive to a cold toilet seat. Here are some tips and resources that you may find helpful when potty training your toddler.

Pick out a child potty

When you give your child the freedom to pick out a Pooh Bear toilet seat or Thomas the Train toilet, it can help them get excited about potty training. A smaller toilet that is at their level can help if they feel afraid to fall in the adult toilet. I knew one kiddo that used to only be able to poop in a bathtub filled with warm water because he was so worried that he would fall in the adult and child toilets that he would make himself constipated!

Accidents will happen

Avoid punishing your child for having an accident. Keep potty training a fun and playful process. Use hand stamp or stick rewards on a chart by the child potty for successes. Even if you child is potty trained throughout the day, let them wear pull-ups at night just incase. Know that if you change jobs and move to another town, your child may naturally regress. If you get divorced and your child now begins changing homes mid-week, you may need to re-train them with their potty. Potty training is not only a physical action, but very much emotional too!

Read parenting books 

A great book that many parents find helpful is, “Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right.” Some parents who are training their children to use the potty enjoy reading about tips, techniques, and feel validated by other parent’s stories and trials. Remember though, there is no single window of time for potty training to happen or not happen. Don’t worry if your child is potty training “late.” It will all work out!

Read books with your child about poop and potty training 

Get books at home and read them together to familiarize your child with the process of potty training.

“Everyone Poops,” by Taro Gomi is a fun book that teaches children that everyone poops. This book can help children understand the purpose of pooping and that it is a healthy thing to do daily.

“What Is Poo?” by Katie Daynes is a picture book that teaches children about where poop goes. This book is interactive and has flaps children can turn.

“The Perfect Potty Zoo” is a book friendly to potty training.

Elmo has a series of books that make potty training fun: “Sesame Street: Let’s Go Potty, Elmo!” “Potty Time with Elmo,” and “P is for Potty.”

Plan play dates with your child for them to spend time around an older child who uses the toilet already!

Join a supportive parenting group on Facebook

Join the “Oh Crap, Potty Training,” group on facebook, here.

Buy a doll that pees

Purchasing a doll that pees can be a great way to help your child with potty training. A doll helps them understand their own body’s processes. Your child can practice helping the doll pee into their child toilet. Then, they can try peeing and using their potty themselves.

Help with aiming

For boys, aiming can be challenging. Pee may get all over your toilet, the floor, and the lid. Try putting cheerios or a single piece of cereal in the water bowl to give your little guy an aiming target. Let him know that if he misses, it is okay. When he does pee on the cheerio and in the toilet water, give lots of positive praise and hugs.

For those of you looking for parenting support, in-person potty training techniques, and help for your fearful child who is not yet potty trained, I would love to be a resource to you!

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